YouTuber Raises 19k For BLM Playing Minecraft, Twitch Still Says He’s Not Welcome

Vaush is a live streamer on YouTube who talks about politics and plays videogames. His rhetorical skills allow him to debate and embarrass some of the internet’s most nefarious figures, while also fending off attacks from his own side of the political spectrum.

Vaush has grown a large following in a relatively short amount of time, but despite having an audience of under 100,000 subscribers consisting of many people who aren’t necessarily huge fans of capitalism, these wholesome commies managed to scrape together just shy of $19,000.

While conservative YouTubers (who claim to love freedom) will take advantage of any controversy to sell you mugs labelled “Liberal tears” for $100 while crying about being censored, Vaush is out here playing Minecraft to free political prisoners of the United States, on YouTube because he was censored from Twitch. Notice a difference?

Throughout his fundraising stream, Vaush meme’d with his audience (like the quote below) and called out Notch, the creator of Minecraft, for having abhorrent views.

“Have you heard 40% of cops are donating their income to help fight COVID-19? Google “cops 40%” to learn more.”

Viewers could pay $10 to have their messages read on stream. The messages ranged from earnest statements about the state of our world, history lessons, trans rights, and memes:

“Cop’s don’t even read theory.”

When it was all said and done, Vaush and his community raised $18,985.49 for Black Lives Matter protestor bail funds and mutual aid. The funds are being split across community bail funds across America.

You would think that a politically-minded leftist streamer who also plays videogames would be a perfect fit for Twitch, but Vaush was banned from the platform for his minor critiques of the Israeli government. He recently revealed that he’s been putting in a great effort to get unbanned, but that someone at Twitch really doesn’t seem to want that to happen.

Vaush on Twitch would be an absolute goldmine of content. There are a handful of large podcasts on Twitch that cover political topics that would also benefit greatly from his presence, but most importantly, it would allow him the opportunity to reunite with Twitch’s OG political streamer…

Someone who has inspired Vaush both rhetorically and to start streaming in the first place, someone whose debates have helped de-radicalize a generation of edgy gamers… none other than Hasanabi, the king of Politics Twitch. It would also afford Vaush the opportunity to mentor a mediocre League of Legends streamer.

Note: On top of the cash he raised from his audience, Vaush used some of his own money to top it off to an even $20,000. This is no small amount, and it’s going to make a huge difference in the lives of the people who will benefit from bail after being arrested for protesting. Capitalists who preach about freedom, take note.

You can watch the entire stream right here, and make sure you subscribe to Vaush for more based content.

11 thoughts on “YouTuber Raises 19k For BLM Playing Minecraft, Twitch Still Says He’s Not Welcome”

  1. “opportunity to reunite with Twitch’s OG political streamer… Hasanabi”? Pretty sure the OG political streamer was Destiny

  2. Vaush is probably one of the best youtubers out there. Great person, great politics, and all around amazing personality.

  3. “Vaush was banned from the platform for his minor critiques of the Israeli government”

    He said the entire country should be nuked. I think he should be unbanned too, but let’s be honest here.


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