Who Is Robert Paul Champagne? 5 Facts About Try It Out Guy

If you’re a fan of Your Mom’s House, you’re probably intimately familiar with Robert Paul Champagne by now. If you follow him on Instagram, you’re definitely intimately familiar with him.

After the Your Mom’s House podcast discovered Robert Paul Champagne through his very unique dating video, they started sharing the video with most of their guests. Celebrities, comedians, and anyone else who appeared on YMH would give their take on it, which was usually a combination of curiosity, terror, and humor.

Before anyone knew his name, he was simply referred to as the “Try It Out” guy, due to his initial video where he encouraged men to urinate on him, physically assault him, and “try it out”.

5. Brendon Urie Wrote a Song About Robert Paul Champagne

Maybe Panic! at The Disco isn’t your cup of tea, but in case you didn’t know, Brendon Urie is a huge fan of this podcast and there’s no denying his musical genius after hearing this song. When he appeared as a guest on YMH, everyone learned that he was lowkey a super-fan, he knew all of the references, and he was borderline one of the best guests they’ve ever had, right up there with Danny Brown (who is also a huge fan of the podcast.)

Fans of this show often make and submit their own songs and remixes based on various memes and inside jokes, and when you’ve got a fan that’s one of the worst’s top musicians and performers, it seems like a natural fit for them to put together a song. Brendon Urie decided to make a song about none other than Robert Paul Champagne, and frankly it is legendary.

The second this song dropped, one thing became official: Robert Paul Champagne is a folk hero. The Brendon Urie Robert Paul Champagne song is an absolute banger.

4. Robert’s Instagram Live was WILD

Quite some time after his first clip found its way around the internet, somebody discovered that Robert Paul Champagne had an Instgram account where he’d most post selfies of himself, and photos of muscular male models. After his Insta was shared on the YMH podcast, it started to grow rapidly, and he started doing live streams. His streams would bring in hundreds of viewers to watch him sit in his eclectic home and react to chat. He rarely ever wore any type of clothing, and would often be seen dangling when he’d stand up. Upon request, he was never shy to pull out a glass, fill it with his urine, and proceed to drink it.

Over time, the live streams started getting smaller and smaller, ultimately drawing in 5-10 viewers at a time. The original RPC Instagram accounts seems to have been removed, with only imitation and catfish accounts remaining.

3. There’s a Documentary Robert Paul Champagne called Home Here now

Your Moms’ House sent their producer Josh Potter to meet RPC in person and film this documentary, along with filmmaker Paul Brasil. This gave us a look inside Robert’s world, which we’d only caught glimpses of previously on his Instagram.

There’s really not a lot more to say about this, you’ve got to watch it for yourself, so hit play and enjoy… this documentary is truly something special.

2. He Warned Freddie Mercury About AIDS

Note: It’s unclear how true these claims are, this is just what RPC said happened, but it wouldn’t be unreasonable to have your doubts.

Robert reminisces about his younger years, where he would party with Freddie Mercury and a host of other notable names. He recalls warning Freddie Mercury about the potential dangers of the party lifestyle, and that his warnings went ignored.

Robert also mentions a number of other famous people he has partied with, you can hear these stories in the documentary that’s embedded above.

1. He’s Actually a Pretty Kind and Wholesome Man

When it’s all said and done, Robert clearly sees the world a bit different than most people, but he’s not ashamed to be himself and to go after what makes him happy. Some of his views are a bit off, but it still seems like his heart is in the right place. For example, he has discussed how his interactions with minorities, where he encourages them to abuse him and treat him like their slaves, is some warped type of reparations for how they were treated in the past.

When Christina P’s puppy passed away, Robert sent her a little purse that he made himself. It’s gestures like this that let you into the other side of RPC, the side of him that’s a sweet, genuine guy, if not a bit misguided. It’s a contrast to the pee-drinking live-streamer who puts his address and phone number out on the internet inviting former inmates to show up and have their way with him.

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