Who Is Juliana Carlos? The Courtside Karen Who Heckled LeBron James

You would think that life would be pretty great when you’re rich enough to afford courtside tickets to the Lakers and your husband is a wealthy philanthropist, right?

Juliana Carlos caught the ire of the internet when she heckled LeBron James. LeBron himself is a polarizing figure, but if there’s one thing the internet is hungry for, it’s to attack someone for being a Karen.

POV: You’re Making a Fool Of Yourself at the Game

And you got the whole squad laughing at you.

She Says Her Husband Has Had an “Issue” With LeBron For YEARS…

This wasn’t her first time sitting courtside:

Afterwards, Juliana went on live to complain about how it was actually LeBron’s fault that she threatened him.

Here’s the thing, fans yell stuff at players during games, it’s nothing new. But when there’s very limited capacity at an arena, where only a small select few are let inside, and you can hear every word someone says, there are different expectations.

It’s always been the case that you’d get booted from a game for yelling harassing stuff at a player, but that is especially true during these games with limited capacity.

When you get to the game, there’s a code of conduct that you agree to follow. Juliana agreed to NOT do the exact thing that she did before getting kicked out. Everyone at the game is very, very aware of the code of conduct and the bare minimum levels of behavior that are expected from them.

There’s a difference between trash-talking a player when he’s shooting a free throw and screaming that you’re going to “F*** HIM UP”. One of these things is acceptable at a game and won’t get you kicked out, and the other one will get you booted from just about any arena.

When you think you’re Atlanta royalty, the rules don’t apply, but it turns out they do – and that seemed to be the root of this confrontation. When she was taken to task for her bad behavior, she lost it, and she was escorted away from the game, middle-fingers raised.

She went on to say “F*** You LeBron, you’re a F****** P****, get the F*** out of here!” and “I have courtside seats, that I paid for!!!”

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