Who Is Josh Potter? 5 Fast Facts About The Roach

Josh Potter is a stand-up comedian, an actor, a podcaster, and a professional sex-worker. It’s hard to label him as just one, since he puts so much of himself into each of his endeavors. He’s a true renaissance man who somehow even finds time to stream on Twitch for his most loyal fans.

5. Josh Potter Lives At Your Mom’s House

Josh Potter makes frequent appearances on the Your Mom’s House podcast, including on-the-scene reporting from dangerous locations such as Robert Paul Champagne‘s living room. Josh has also appearaned on other YMH-affiliated podcasts with Dr. Drew and Ryan Sickler.

4. Hosts The Josh Potter Show/Roach Motel Podcast

Josh was the host of the Roach Motel podcast until some other company that makes bug traps threatened to sue him because they’re very uncool and they think that people would confuse their murder-rooms with a podcast. We’ve switched to Raid for all of our pest control needs.

Roach Motel was re-named to The Josh Potter Show, which you can subscribe to right here. On the podcast, he talks about sports, current events, and feuds with the singer from the band Trapt.

3. He Has Trouble Finishing… Things

Josh Potter is notorious, if not famous and beloved, for not being able to finish what he starts in the bedroom, except under very incredible circumstances. Josh’s openness about his struggles has lead to a deluge of nice young ladies who want to help him achieve his goals.

2. He’s a Hairy Merchant of Feet Pics

Some of Josh Potter’s adult work includes showing off his bear-like fur that covers his entire body, but some of his fans prefer paying for a glance at his feet. Josh doesn’t judge, he’s here to give the people what they want. We won’t post any of his pics here, those are for Josh Potter’s paying customers only.

1. His Apartment Was Featured in a Short Film/Documentary

Along with his benevolent desire to please his audience, Josh Potter has even helped his apartment achieve a starring role in a documentary about how unclean his apartment is. Him bravely welcoming the camera crew into his home probably helped a lot of other people heal and start to work at cleaning up their own messes.

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