What is TheoGate? 5 Fast Facts

TheoGate is a conspiracy theory fueled by fans of a podcast called Your Mom’s House. Your Mom’s House is hosted Christina P and Tom Segura, who are married stand-up comedians. This conspiracy theory recently gained more attention when Theo Von was a guest on episode #505. At the very end of the episode, they went over TheoGate and talked about it, debunking many of the claims…

For months, fans of both YMH and Theo Von have wondered why Theo Von has never been a guest on the show, since they run in similar comedy circles and have had a lot of crossover guests in the past.

5) What sparked #TheoGate in the first place?

What is TheoGate?

Christina P and Theo Von were both alumni from different seasons of Road Rules, which lead to them teaming up for a show after the fact.

This collaboration resulted in a clip of Christina and Theo holding holds during an interview, then Christina held Theo’s hand up to her face affectionately before stopping the physical contact, to which Theo mumbled something along the lines of “You started it…

Fans interpreted this as a moment of flirtation, which lead to speculation that Theo and Christina had a romantic past, which is a rumor they were quick to dismiss. During this time, Christina P was already married to her husband, Tom Segura.

4) Brendan Schaub and Ethan Klein Asked About TheoGate

Brendan Schaub hosts a podcast with Theo Von, and when Brendan was a guest on YMH, he told Tom and Christina that Theo thought they didn’t like him.

When Ethan and Hila Klein (from H3H3 Productions) were on Your Mom’s House, Ethan also asked what was going on with Theo, which lead to an awkward editing cut, after which it wasn’t brought up again.

3) Theo and Tom Steered Into It to Troll Their Fans

After #TheoGate started to get brought up constantly, Tom and Theo were in cahoots behind the scenes to play it up. After learning that Theo Von thought that Tom didn’t like him, Tom reached out to him to invite him on the podcast, and the two started to scheme up ways to troll their fans.

The awkward cut after Ethan Klein asked the question was one of the many not-so-subtle ways that the comedians steered into the TheoGate conspiracy.

2) Theo Wasn’t Joking When He Forgot Tom’s Name

On Theo Von’s episode of Your Mom’s House, they went over many of the theories that make up TheoGate, including one episode of Theo’s podcast, where he referred to Tom as “Bert Kreischer’s friend”.

When this incident was mentioned, Theo admitted that he actually couldn’t think of Tom’s name at that moment, to which Tom seemed a bit taken aback.

1) Theo Seems Genuinely Upset At Tom’s Jokes about Louisiana

Another event that sparked TheoGate was Tom’s inclusion of a bit in his Netflix comedy special where he jokes about being in favor of building a wall, as long as it’s around Louisiana.

Theo Von was born in Louisiana, and has previously mentioned that he wasn’t thrilled about the bit, and even brought it up again unprompted near the start of his appearance on Your Mom’s House.

Some have speculated that Tom’s digs at Louisiana were actually targeted at Theo, and it seems they certainly struck a nerve. Theo is annoyed at how the South has been portrayed post-Election 2016.

Conclusion: Is TheoGate Real?

All parties brought up all of the major points of TheoGate, and debunked them one by one.

The diehard conspiracy theorists will think it all seemed a bit too clean, like they had an answer ready to go for everything.

There’s also a belief that after the initial birth of TheoGate, they started steering into it in order to take control of the narrative, and make it all seem like a joke so that it would just go away.

Is it possible that something still happened in the past, and they started playing it up in order to convince people that none of it was real?

If we’re basing TheoGate on the fact that Christina P held Theo’s hand up to her face in an interview, that she knew said she knew was being filmed, it seems like an odd place to display affection if there was anything untoward taking place.

If we go by the “evidence”, it really doesn’t seem like anything happened here. If there was ever any animosity among them, it was probably just silly misunderstandings and ribbing that gets taken the wrong way.

Christina P said that she and Theo didn’t get off on the best foot during that performance, and she was probably just trying to make him uncomfortable on camera.

We’re all thought there were people that didn’t like us for reasons we had cooked up in our own minds, that doesn’t mean we slept with someone’s wife.

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