If you don’t know the story of Joe Son, he’s basically just a horrible guy, who used to fight in the UFC…

Joe Son Austin Powers, UFC, and More

He has fought professionally, acted (He played ‘Random Task’, the Austin Powers take on the classic Bond villain Oddjob), and a criminal rap sheet consisting of murder, vandalism, and in 2008 he was forced to provide a DNA sample after violating probation that linked him to a horrific sexual assault in 1990. While in prison, he murdered his cell mate. He’s just an all around irredeemably terrible guy.

Those Wonderful Legal Groin Strikes in the UFC

Rotting in a cell isn’t anywhere near a suitable punishment for Joe Son’s crimes, but watching him lose his first professional MMA fight due to getting absolutely demonstrated by punches to the balls? It’s just satisfying, okay?

Back in the early days of the UFC, there were a lot less rules, and one thing you could do is relentlessly punch your opponent in the junk. This took place at UFC 4, and they’ve definitely come a long way since the early days.

Now that you know a little bit about Joe Son, and why he’s such a bad person, you’ll really enjoy watching him eat multiple punches in a row straight to his junk.

Protip: It gets better every time you watch it.

Keith Hackney is the guy who had the honor of cementing this little piece of combat sport history, and he has a background in boxing – thankfully.