Classic: UFC Fighter Accidentally Reveals That His Whole Team Is On Steroids

Here’s a bit of a throwback to UFC 217 which took place Sat., Nov. 4, 2017 at Madison Square Garden.

With all the hype around UFC 217, you might have missed this gem from the pre-fight press conference.

Cody Garbrant and TJ Dillashaw used to be teammates at the Team Alpha Male gym, until TJ moved to another camp and all-out drama ensued. Not typical fight drama, either. It’s like high-school tier drama. Cody and Team Alpha Male have been going back and forth with TJ and his coach Duane Ludwig pretty much ever since TJ left the gym, but from all the trashtalk, this might be the best moment yet.

Cody and TJ were chirping back and forth, when Cody accused TJ of taking steroids and being on “everything.”

TJ said he doesn’t take steroids, and Cody’s response left the room silent, with everything thinking “Wait, did he really just say that?”:

After TJ said he doesn’t take steroids, Cody said “You’re the one who showed everybody how to do it on Team Alpha Male.


TJ is just shocked that Cody just said his whole team is on steroids, and Cody follows it up with “Look at him, he has nothing say.” At that point, Cody thinks he shut TJ up, but actually TJ was speechless that Cody just threw his whole team under the bus and didn’t even realize it.

I wonder what Urijah Faber was thinking in that exact moment, when he heard Cody say that.

Now, to give the benefit of the doubt to Cody, he could have meant that TJ showed everybody at T.A.M. how to do steroids against their will and without them asking to learn, and nobody actually followed his advice, but that seems unlikely.

There have been some pretty ridiculous steroid excuses in UFC history, like blaming failed tests on male enhancement products or on tained horse meat, but usually a fighter doesn’t throw their whole team under the bus. You have to wonder if they gave Cody a hard time for this back at the gym, or gave him a break since he lost his belt and was probabally feeling pretty bummed out already.

It will be interesting to see if USADA tests start to happen more often at Team Alpha Male, you can only imagine that USADA listens for these kinds of tips, especially when they’re announced at a press conference.

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