Little Kid Goes Super Saiyan After Bully Slaps Him In The Face

This little kid is such a champ. He’s just doing his thing, trying to play some cards, when a much bigger guy comes along and starts to bully him.

The bully starts by shoving the kids friend, and everybody else just stands around and watches. They don’t have the guts to step in, even the bigger friends. But this kid stands his ground, stands up to the bully, calls him out, and then the bully slaps him. At that point, all bets are off, this kid isn’t having any of it.

Respect to this kid for doing what had to be done, it’s not always easy to stand up to a bully and sometimes it’s even dangerous, but it worked out this time.

There’s that famous scene from so many movies and shows where the kid finally stands up their bully, and the bully runs away crying. Unfortunately, that’s not usually how it goes. Usually, the smaller and weaker kid just ends up getting pummeled by the bully, once again. Let’s face it, the bullies are usually bigger and picking on smaller kids, and usually have more experience fighting. Sometimes, it’s what made them a bully in the fight place – being attacked all the time by people at home. In any case, this time around, the little kid managed to hold his own, and we have a feeling this bully won’t be causing any more trouble anytime soon.

And then right at the end he puts the icing on the cake, what a boss.