My Life Online – Gilf: Who Is Terrytowngal and Why is She a Legend?

Fans of Your Mom’s House and anyone who is even remotely good at the internet is already well-aware of the famous Robert Paul Champagne, aka “Try It Out Guy.” RPC earned this nickname due to a very forward video he released in which he invites viewers to visit him at home for adult encounters, encouraging them to “Try it out.”

Well, in a breaking development, it seems there’s now a female counterpart to Robert. She has no relation to him whatsoever, but she definitely has the same energy, which is how she earned the nickname “Try It Out Girl”. Her name is Miss Michelle, better known by her online handle of Terrytowngal, where she’s made a career out of inviting younger men to meet up with her for pleasure.

Miss Michelle’s rules are simple, so there’s no excuse not to follow proto:

  • You have to consent to her filming the encounter.
  • She will sell the clips online.
  • You must be over 35 years of age.
  • She doesn’t want men to travel from out of state to meet her, she’s just looking for local gentlemen.

We can’t link to her website, unfortunately, because it’s much too spicy but it’s not hard to find. But here’s an excerpt from her “About Me” page, where she offers a wholesome and lovely description of herself:

I am a mature woman with many eclectic qualities, intelligent, educated, creative, compassionate . I love giving pleasure, am seductive, sensuous, and my greatest desire is to create a memorable, satisfying encounter with lasting friendships and sweet memories!

I am petite in height, standing only 5’3″ tall. My body type would be called “compact”, having large round breasts and a nice round butt. I work out with a trainer and stay fit and agile. I look years younger than my actual age and am very pretty.

Miss Michelle has hooked up with her fans in the past, including during a charity fan meet-up session that took place as recently as February, 2020.

She’s aware that she was mentioned on a podcast, but it’s unclear if she’s aware of just how many new fans this could bring her.

image credit: djambates75 on r/yourmomshousepodcast

Will she end up being interviewed on YMH? Since she’s a semi-public figure already, and a professional business owner, it’s likely that she’ll see this as an opportunity to continue the explosive growth she’s experienced in recent days.

The beautiful Michelle is a true professional, and it would be an absolute delight if she were to team up with fellow YMH sexworker Josh Potter to film a scene together. We can dream, right?

The wildly successful Miss Michelle has nearly 3000 subscribers on her Only Fans, at a starting rate of $12.99 per month that’s some serious cash. That monthly price gives you access to dozens of videos and hundreds of photos, so you can rub rub rub.

On a more serious note, we can and will link to Michelle’s Go Fund Me. This hard-working woman is doing everything she can to pay the bills, and she deserves every penny of your support and empathy. Please, click this link to visit her Go Fund Me and give what you can.

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