Caffeine and gaming go together like swords and shields. A company out of Toronto, Canada is working to further cement this blissful union.

When you think of caffeine sources for long gaming sessions, maybe something like energy drinks or soda comes to mind, but those types of drinks have got all sorts of sugar and who knows what else in them.

While a nice brewed coffee may not appeal to all the younger gamers out there, the demographics of videogames have gotten older and more mature, so it stands to reason that their tastes will as well. Still, a little nostalgia is always a welcome thing.

In the Lootcrate-era of fandom arriving right at your door, this is a really cool way to merge a practical staple type of product like coffee with your hobbies. Coffee is something a lot of people are going to buy anyways, which makes it easy to justify trying out a brand that’s taking a unique approach.

In partnership with Canadian videogame media legend Victor Lucas, you can check out their booth at FanExpo Canada at the end of August.

Their coffees are priced at a reasonable $15 Canadian (about $12 USD) which is a little more than regular grocery store beans, but also less than a lot of specialty or niche coffees, and when you factor in how many cups you’ll get out of it, it’s still incredibly cheap compared to energy drinks, or buying coffee from the drive thru.

All in all, it’s a really cool looking product that merges two things that many gamers love: caffeine and classic 8bit gaming.

Right now, they’re offering a hazelnut cream flavor called Taste Invaders, and an espresso roast called The Espresso Playground (a nod to The Electric Playground Network.)

They’re still in their soft-launch stage leading up to the FaxExpo event, but we’re eagerly looking forward to seeing what they come up with for future blends and we’ll certainly be sure to update you if we’re able to get our hands on a bag or two of this liquid gold.

In the meantime, you can check them out on Instagram, Twitter or visit their website.

PS – They’re including a cool looking retro sticker with each order, how many coffee brands are going to help you sticker bomb your old laptop?