These MMA Fighters Look Like They’re Just Mashing Buttons In a Video Game

It looks like he’s a character in a fighting game and is just button-mashing to see what happens.

Not knocking the guy, being unpredictable is essential. If your opponent knows what your next move is going to be, you’re going to have a bad time when they counter you and turn the lights off.

On the other hand, we’re not really convinced that this guy knows what his next move is going to be, either. In any case, someone compared him to Eddy Gordo from the Tekken series of games, and that seems pretty accurate to be honest.

Check out the clip below, see if you’re able to predict what he’s going to do next, then imagine what it would be like to be standing across from him in the cage like, “C’mon bro, can we just fight…”

Capoeira is definitely one of the coolest looking styles, but his opponent seemed to give him too much space to dance around. Capoeira isn’t the most effective form of MMA, unless your opponent gets somewhat hypnotized by it, which usually won’t happen at super high levels of combat sports… but you also don’t see it used at super high levels, for that matter. If you want to know the best fighting styles for winning, just look at the styles that are used at the pinnacle of the sport. If there was something better, people would be using it to win belts.

Here’s a quote by Mark Twain that basically sums it up (posted to reddit by Bolibomp):

“The best swordsman in the world doesn’t need to fear the second best swordsman in the world; no, the person for him to be afraid of is some ignorant antagonist who has never had a sword in his hand before; he doesn’t do the thing he ought to do, and so the expert isn’t prepared for him; he does the thing he ought not to do; and often it catches the expert out and ends him on the spot.” – Mark Twain

Still, sometimes button mashing is just button mashing…

Either way, it’s always fun to see something that you don’t see everyday when you’ve got the fights on, right? This may not go down as one of the greatest fights of all time, but thousands of people have been entertained by it so that’s pretty cool.

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