The Capri Kitchen Nightmare Twins Visited Gordon Ramsey’s Restaurant

The Capri Restaurant Twins were on a very popular episode of Kitchen Nightmares, they became very memorable and had a lot of people wondering “What happeend to the Capri Kitchen Nightmare twins?”

One kid with a camera decided to find out…

Elixir is a creative young YouTuber who has a track record of unique and interesting videos, including exposing most of the big video game conventions for having very, very bad security protocols after he was able to sneak into most of them with a backpack without even really trying.

Capri Twins Kitchen Nightmare Update

Capri Kitchen Nightmare Twins

But this time around, Elixir met up with Jeff and Jim, the twins who were featured in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares when Gordon helped them with their LA restaurant called The Capri. Their restaurant is still open, and you can check it out! They have a great sense of humor about the appearance on Kitchen Nightmares, which is always good, becasue we can all think of a few examples of restaurants whose reputations were ruined from the show.

Putting Gordon Ramsey to the Test

Jim and Jeff from The Capri

Elixir had a bite at The Capri first, and then met up with the twins in Las Vegas to try out one of Gordon Ramsey’s many restaurants to see how well Gordon stands up to his own standards.

One of the more memorable moments from the twins’ appearance on Kitchen Nightmares was when Gordon Ramsey freaked out at them for having gum under their tables. So, naturally, that’s the first thing that Elixir and the twins checked, and sure enough, there were big fat gobs of chewing gum stuck to the bottoms of Gordon Ramsey’s own tables.

Beyond that, Elixir ordered a water but was served a Sprite instead. He wasn’t too worried about it, it’s a free pop after all, but for someone who is sensitive to sugar that could have been a real problem.

Elixir asked one of the twins what Gordon could improve, and he joking said that Gordon could do a better job of keeping the tables clean. Then, Elixir brought up the gum thing with someone who appeared to be a manager (very lightheartedly, it’s worth noting), who said they have a cleaning crew that comes in every single night to clean the gum off the tables and chairs, so we’ve got to give Gordon some props there – he’s practicing what he preaches, and it would be impossible to have the gum cleaned after every single patron eats at a table, so there’s bound to be a piece every now and then.

The Verdict?

Ultimately, Elixir gave the restaurant a 4.5, taking into consideration the price, value, cleanliness, and quality of the food. He prefers In-and-Out, like any good kid in LA would. The twins seemed to enjoy it more than Elixir did, no bad blood there. You should stop by and visit the Capri Restaurant twins if you’re ever in the area, it won’t be a nightmare! 

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