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Simone Giertz Is Back With An Update After Her Brain Surgery

Youtuber Simone Giertz, who is one of the most interesting creators on the platform, released a video a couple of months ago letting us know that she had a brain tumor and about a month after that, she uploaded a quick video saying that she was on her way into surgery. Now, she’s back in her studio/shitty robot lab with another update, and the news is good!

We’re thrilled to hear that she’s doing okay, and even upgraded with titanium mesh in her head.

Does that make her part robot? If so, she definitely isn’t a shitty one.

She shared some of the more candid details of the whole experience…

“I had started writing these letters to people I love…”

It’s a good reminder to those of us who are healthy to not take our health, or the people who matter to us, for granted.

The surgery took nine hours, and when she awoke she heard one of the nurses talking about her Youtube channel. The first thing she said to her doctor, named Dr. Ready, was asking him if people make a lot of puns about his name, and that’s when her family knew she was going to be okay and still feeling like herself. It’s got to be a terrifying experience to go into any surgery, especially when it involves the brain.

She shared some side-by-side photos of the recovery process:

And she also experienced some roid-rage while looking for a parking spot, so make sure you check out the video to catch the full story, and subscribe to her on Youtube if you aren’t among the 1.2 million who already have.

“I’d rate having a brain tumor 2/10 stars.” – Simone Giertz

She hired a documentary team to capture footage of the whole process, and we’re really excited to see what might come from that.

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