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Muay Thai Legend Spars In The Streets With Former Rival

Here’s a cool video featuring Saenchai and Singdam, having a little back and forth in the streets.

They were together for a photoshoot, according to the Yokkao Boxing Youtube channel, and then things escalated.

Saenchai is a legendary Muay Thai fighter, who has won the Lumpinee Championship and has an official professional record of 308 Wins, 23 Losses, 3 Draws, however it’s impossible to really know how many amateur fights he’s got under his belt.

Singdam has a record of 340-66-2, and his nephew Superlek Kiatmuu9 is following in his footsteps, having been ranked the #1 Super-Feather.

It’s common for Thai fighters to have many, many more fights on their records than most fight fans in the West are used to seeing.

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