Never Forget That Rihanna’s Mac ‘n Cheese Recipe Uses Ketchup, Mustard, Water, and Raw Onions

Slow news day? Sure, but even if it wasn’t a slow news day, it’s worth bringing up that Rihanna’s Mac ‘N Cheese recipe combines ketchup, mustard, and extra water.

Granted, every Mac recipe requires water for boiling the noodles, but instead of adding in some heavy cream or milk once the pasta is cooked, Riri uses water. But that’s not the most unique part of her recipe…

BuzzFeed made a video where they made a handful of different celebrities’ macaroni and cheese recipes. Gordon Ramsey’s had cauliflower, Patti Labelle’s had butter cubes on top, and overall each dish looked pretty good but in the end, Gordon Ramsey was the winner.

Here’s how Rihanna makes Mac ‘N Cheese:

  • Boil noodles in water, drains it, puts it back on stove
  • Add grated white onion, julienne bell pepper, and sliced green onion, mix
  • Add a quarter cup of ketchup, quarter cup of mustard, scotch bonnet sauce, mix
  • Add a handful of Colby-Jack cheese at a time
  • Add water if it’s too thick (Water?!)
  • When you’re happy with the consistency, add a few more green onions on top that you’re all set

Here’s the full recipe for Mac A Rih’s, via Esquire.

When Rihanna initially revealed to the world exactly how she makes Mac ‘N cheese, people were very polarized. Even among the ranks of her biggest fans, some were questioning the seasoning choices, with others standing up to defend the culinary creation.

One notable figure who took notice is Meek Mill, who decided to shoot his shot:

In all honesty, it’s probably tastier than some of the other celebrity macaroni recipes that were featured in that video. The peppers and onions would give it some nice flavor, even if it’s basically a hotdog with pasta instead of bread and meat.

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