Reckful Gives Twitch An Ultimatum, Reveals Why He’ll Quit Streaming

Reckful, the alias of Byron Bernstein, is a wildly popular streamer on Twitch but he has an issue with the platform and he’s giving them 6 months to make a change, otherwise he says he’ll quit.

He wants the ability to ban certain people from watching his streams. He discusses how he’s’ able to ban people from chatting, but wants Twitch to add a feature to take it a step further and to prevent banned people from being able to watch him.

Now, presumably, this would be very difficult to implement since there are so many ways to get around it like getting a new IP address, or signing into a different Twitch account, or even simply logging out and watching without being signed in at all. We’re not sure on the logistics of how something like this could be implemented, or if 6 months is even a possible time frame, or if this is even something Twitch would have any interest in doing.

Is streaming yourself live on the internet for the world to see but also wanting to block certain people from being able to look kind of like walking down the street in public and yelling at people not to look in your direction?

Or should streams have complete control over who is able to see them, and who is not?

Is this a practical request, and do you think Twitch will consider it at all?

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