Being served on Twitter comes with the territory of being a public figure who shares their controversial opinions, but rarely does it escalate as quickly as it did between ousted Rap Genius co-founder Mahbod Moghadam and Twitter user @westwoodpro.

Moghadam is no stranger to controversial public statements, perhaps none more controversial than his recent take on Kanye West’s catalog of work.

Here’s the original Tweet that went completely under the radar with Moghadam’s followers:

@westwoodpro swooped in to set the record straight, bringing into question who the real “Rap Genius” is…

It never feels good to get dunked on like this, and just when Mahbod thought it was safe to check his Twitter mentions again, @westwoodpro showed up with the And 1: 


As of publication, Mahbod Moghadam has not engaged further with @westwoodpro, and can you really blame him? This is the type of ego-shattering shut-down that usually leads to people deleting their social media altogether.

As for the music, a few people seem to be enjoying it…