Rachel Dolezal was catapulted into the national spotlight, but how many people took the time to read beyond the headlines? You can say what you want about her, but first, you should take some time to listen to her, and what she has to say, in her own words.

Have you ever been a fan of somebody, felt like you really knew and understood what they were about, but then you watch them being portrayed so much differently in the media? It’s frustrating to see, right? Then accept the hypothesis that it may not be the only time that somebody has been unfairly portrayed. Is it possible that a lot of what you know about Rachel is conjecture based on clickbait and someone else’s narrative? (Hint: Yes, it’s possible.)

The Real Rachel Dolezal

Following Rachel on Instagram several years ago has been very eye-opening. You don’t see some delusional menace who wants to tear apart the fabric of society, as some people have tried to make us believe. The Rachel Dolezal Netflix documentary was a gateway for many people to see another perspective, but there are still editors, producers, and people who want to tell/shape a story.

If you want to know about Rachel Dolezal now, it’s best to go to the primary source. What do you see?

  • You see a hard-working mother first and foremost, who is so proud of the strong, smart men she is raising.
  • You see an artist who is incredibly talented (like for real though, I’m the farthest thing from being a qualified art critic, but I am a certified human and her art is powerful and moving.)
  • You see an entrepreneur trying to make the most of this spotlight that’s been unfairly shined on her personal life, just to get by. Job opportunities are scarce when millions of people have been misled about you.
  • You see somebody who has suffered abuse, incredible adversity and still managed to come out the other side as an empathic person who wants to help others.
  • You see a compassionate craftswoman creating Melanin Spectrum™️ Dolls so that every kid can have a doll that looks like them (including non-binary dolls.)
  • You see a very bright and well-educated student, and an educator passing on her knowledge to anyone that will take the time to hear her.

I’m not saying she’s never had a misstep, I’m sure Rachel herself would be the first to admit that she’s not perfect – but why is “perfect” the standard that we hold for anybody?

Rachel was made into a caricature by pop culture via two-second clips, misleading quotes, and straight-up hit pieces.

The truth is that Rachel Dolezal is a renaissance woman doing what she can to get by, making the best of the situation that’s been thrust upon her.

Despite overcoming enough adversity to cause many people to quit, she’s still here. She’s still educating, she’s still creating, and she’s still carrying the burden of being famous and instantly recognizable without the wealth that often comes alongside such notoriety.

You Don’t Have To Love Rachel Dolezal

You don’t even have to like her. But if you’re going to have a strong opinion about her or any opinion for that matter, you should at least make it an informed one.

You don’t have to dig too deep to see what’s in her heart, she wears it on her sleeve. Rachel is very open, upfront, willing to discuss all of the stuff that gets brought up about her past… It must be discouraging her to be dragged through the mud by certain groups, especially when those same groups believe in fighting for the same social change that she’s dedicated her life to.

Rachel Dolezal is not your enemy.

If you thought that she was, maybe it’s time to question who is cooking up your media diet.

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