In a recent episode of their podcast, the H3H3 Productions gang reacted to a video from a creator named Prince Ea.

The video was about putting down your cellphone and living life, which really oversimplified, so make sure you peep the whole video:

You can check out Prince Ea’s channel right here…

And this is H3H3’s reaction:

H3H3 is known for not holding back when they react to things, and they take a very off-the-cuff approach to it.

This has gotten them into trouble over the years, including a very highly publicized lawsuit on the topic of fair use, when a certain Youtuber was so upset by H3H3’s video about him that he took them to court where he lost, putting the nail in the coffin of his channel in the process.

Prince Ea, on the other hand, reacted to it perfectly…

He understood that a lot of H3H3’s points are just tongue in cheek and things they’re saying on the spot for a laugh. This wasn’t some thought out attack on Prince Ea by H3h3, it was just a quick reaction to try to get some laughs.

He handled H3H3’s reaction perfectly, and his response video should serve as a lesson to anyone else who has been meme’d on online.

H3H3 caught wind of this video, and watched it expecting for Prince Ea to be mad, or to go off on them, but he was perfectly classy throughout the entire response, and opened up the door for future dialogue.

Here’s H3H3’s reaction to Prince Ea’s reaction:

In his latest podcast episode, Ethan from H3H3 acknowledged how well Prince Ea handled this, and how he was expecting to get a much different response.

Ethan sounds very open to getting Prince Ea on the podcast or to having a conversation with him in some other avenue, and Prince Ea has said his door is open as well, so instead of taking the attacks personally and turning this into yet another Youtube-Drama situation, Prince Ea was classy about it, and now he will likely have the opportunity to get himself in front of H3’s audience in a bigger way, and if nothing else, he’s certainly won a few new fans.

The big takeaway here…

Prince Ea was able to look beyond the content of what was said, and to appreciate the context and that it was just in good fun. He understood that H3H3 wasn’t coming at him with malicious intentions, which makes all the difference.

If more of us could do that, especially in today’s climate, I think all of our timelines would be a much more peaceful place.