Here’s What Post Malone Said After 4-Day Charity Stream That Raised $200,000

Post Malone, one of the biggest musical acts in the world, took to Twitch during July 19th-24th to raise money for a handful of organizations while streaming games and interacting with his fans.

On the fourth day, while streaming Apex Legends, here’s the message that Post Malone wanted to get across to his fans:

“No one should ever feel alone.”

– Post Malone

He mentioned this in the context of raising money for an org called the Trevor Project.

About the Trevor Project: This organizations offers 24/7 support and counseling to youth who are dealing with mental health issues and other challenges, aimed at members of the LGBT community in particular.

Post Malone Raised Over $75,000 for the Trevor Project

With a total of $200,000 raised, over a quarter of those funds are going to the Trevor Project to help them continue to offer support for people who need it.

Beyond the tangible benefits of the funds that were raised, having the voice of a superstar like Post showing support to people can feel really good, to know that he’s in their corner.

Post Malone sitting next to the pool is a suit.

Other Examples of Post Malone Being a Great Guy

When you’re a public figure or a celebrity, especially in the age of social media, there’s always going to be someone who wants to cut you down, regardless of what you do or say. It’s tough to keep up a good image, even when you’re a genuinely chill and decent person.

Post Malone crouched in front of his Ford supercar, giving peace signs with both hands.

What’s Next for Post Malone’s Streaming Career?

Being able to hop on stream and have millions of people watch you is something that few people will ever get to experience. Obviously, music is Post’s main thing, but having a platform on Twitch allows him to hop on and interact with his fans, play some games, and to network with some of Twitch’s biggest names.

He probably won’t be hanging up the mic to stream full time anytime soon, but he’s been putting out some serious streaming hours and has amassed nearly a million followers on Twitch already. It’s probably a great way to clear his mind when he’s not on tour or in music-mode.

Post purchased a $3 million ranch in Utah where he’s living his best life, and is totally prepared for the apocalypse. So, when the end is nigh, at lease you’ll be able to head over to Post Malone’s Twitch stream for some entertainment.

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