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American Police Force Man To Cut Off Dog’s Head After Killing His Best Friend

Editor’s note: We are NOT going to show the video here. If you want to see it, it’s out there, it’s been uploaded by countless news agencies, but we have no interest in showing such a gruesome display.

A man in Crawford County just found himself living through an absolute nightmare after police shot his dog, and then insisted that he cut off the dog’s head. Yes, really. This actually happened.

They said he had to cut off the dog’s head in order to have it tested for disease. The dog had already been tested when it was alive, however the police refused to let the man show them the papers to verify that.

They offered to allow the man to take his dog to a vet and have the vet decapitate the dog, however it would be at his own expense, and he couldn’t afford it… So threatened with being arrested, his only option was to cut off the head of his dog after watching police kill the animal.

After the Crawford Country Sheriff’s office was flooded with phone calls from all arcross America, from people who were absolutely outraged, they released a statement as follows:

“Crawford County’s Sheriff Lewis Walker said the investigator should not have ordered Goodwin to cut the head off his dead dog. That shouldn’t have been done on the scene.”

The officers shouldn’t have taken it upon themselves to investigate whether or not this dog was rabid, and if they were so concerned with that, why wouldn’t they at least escort the man to retrieve the papers proving the dog was healthy? Why were officers who are completly unqualified in dealing with this be in charge of this situation, rather than someone from the county health department? Even if the dog was rabid, it’s no business of the police to be forcing the man to collect a sample (In this case, THE HEAD of the poor animal), let alone making the owner’s of the dog responsible for transporting the sample to the lab for testing.

The officer has been placed on administrative leave.

The Georgia Department of Public Health said that the officer completly ignored the correct protocols for dealing with an animal suspected of having rabies, and in a statement revealed that the beheading of the animal should have been performed by a vet or a trained animal control officer, AND DEFINITELY NOT THE OWNER OF THE PET.

Having somebody without training perform this procedure, under duress, not only risks the viability of the specimen itself, but also places the person performing the procedure in danger if the animal was in fact ill. If this dog is rapid, and the owner is forced to cut the dog’s head off, and the owner doesn’t have a rabies vaccine, not only did they kill the dog but they’re directly putting the owner in serious risk of the very thing they were worried about in the first place.

We want to report on what happened, but it’s hard to not editorialize and give an opinion on such a disgusting abuse of power.

This doesn’t reflect poorly on all police officers, there are many great officers out there who do their best everyday and deserve the upmost respect for keeping our communities safe. HOWEVER…

This DOES reflect poorly on the officer in the video, who is completely inept and incompetent, and completely abusing his power.

The situation began while the man was at work and his dog bit a neighbor, which prompted the police to be called to his home, where they shot the dog. This is an unfortunate situation for sure. Officers encounter dangerous animals all the time in their line of duty, and have to make split second decisions to protect themselves, but their ineptitude in this scenario took an awful situation and made it MUCH worse…

“I left work and went straight home, found my dog dead in my yard,” Goodwin, the owner of the dog, told The Telegraph.

“The deputy who killed Big Boy was nice enough, Goodwin said. The two talked about their shared interest in automobiles,” per the Miami Herald.

But then James Hollis, an investigator for the Sheriff’s department, showed up with questions about Big Boy’s vaccination records, which is relevant in this case since the dog had bitten a neighbor, but that’s when things really escalated.

“I knew I had to have some way of proving this,” Goodwin said. “I just don’t think I was supposed to be the one to remove my dog’s head the way they made me do it.”

A video of the event begins with Hollis threatening to take Goodwin to jail.

Mr. Goodwin asked what he would be charged with in this scenario, and the other officer on the scene responded, “you can be charged with disorderly conduct.”

“You can sit there all you want and try to record all you want to record,” Hollis says in the video, approaching Goodwin, who is filming the altercation.

“I’m protecting myself. Y’all come up to me… I’m reacting to having to cut my … dog’s head off,” Goodwin shouted.

“We asked you to remove the dog’s head,” Hollis said. “And you’re refusing, right?”

“I ain’t got a … knife to cut” the head off, Goodwin said.

“If you would just listen,” the other officer cut in. “We don’t know this process either.”


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