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Can Your Chair Sponsor Do THIS? When Brands Stand By Their Creators, The Internet Wins

Controversy and drama get clicks, clicks lead to ad revenue, ad revenue leads to journalists remaining employed…

Such is the circle of internet outrage, and Felix Kjellberg is no stranger to being the focus of internet outrage.

Pewdiepie may have become a stranger to ad revenue thanks to The Adpocalypse, a media-manufactured catastrophe that conveniently has major brands pulling money from Youtube ads and redirecting that money towards the same media outlets who largely created the panic in the first place.

As much as major media outlets insist that their sponsors have no influence on their editorial decisions, you don’t have to look too hard to find examples of that being patently false.

When Creators are Afraid to Create

Youtubers having to walk on eggshells in order to stay monetized is another example of advertisers having an impact on content.

When they work tirelessly on new videos, only to have them instantly demonetized, it can lead to…

  1. The creator bites their tongue, and starts putting out very safe content because they rely on their Youtube income to survive.
  2. The creator doesn’t rely on their Youtube income, but loses interest in creating content altogether.

But not every advertiser or sponsor is going to capitulate at the first sign of pressure, and not every creator is going to be bullied into watering down their content.

In Pewdiepie’s case, he takes on advertisers outside of the Youtube advertising platform. He has stated that he earned more from his Cyka Blyat merch than from the ads on his videos.

The Media’s Latest Straw-Grasp

Recently, Vice released an article titled “Pewdiepie Is Teaching His Audience That Women Are Asking For It“.

We could skim through countless Vice articles and accuse them of “teaching their audience” all sorts of awful things, but that would be just as disingenuous as their recent piece on Pewdiepie.

Pewdiepie responded as follows:

Pewdiepie has always stuck up for himself when he feels he’s being unfairly attacked, and he’s also accepted responsability when he’s made mistakes in the past, which is an endearing quality that also helps with credibility. This is a lesson  that media outlets could stand to learn from.

Pewdiepie’s most recognizable sponsor, Clutch Chairz, are standing by him…

They sent out the following message:

Seeing a sponsor have their creator’s back like this really speaks volumes about the power of the internet, in particular the specific power of  the internet that traditional media outlets seem to be so terrified of.

Pewdiepie is not beholden to any masters when he decides what content he wants to create.

This seems to rub a lot of media members the wrong way…

Perhaps some of his critics entered into journalism with an earnest desire to uncover the truth, and were quickly embittered by realizing that what they really signed up for, in some cases, is a race to the bottom for clicks in order to please advertisers.

Can your chair step up when you’re being unfairly attacked by agenda-driven media outlets without being afraid of backlash?

Pewdiepie’s can… and it’s only $399.

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