Pascal Siakam Got Absolutely Jacked This Summer To Defend His Team’s Championship

Pascal’s humble rise towards super-stardom continues on the heals of his M.I.P. and Championship season. After playing second fiddle during his breakout year, this future all-star is putting the league on notice and letting them know he’s much more than just a spinny-boi.

In folksy Nick Nurse fashion, he had this to say about Pascal’s rise: “It’s pretty incredible, right?”

To say the least.

Check out the latest from Pascal’s Instagram story where he shows off some of the stretching work he’s been putting in, the hills he’s been running up, and most notably that fact that he looks like he’s put on at least 20lbs of pure muscle practically overnight. Anyone who wants to make Giannis comparisons this season better get those out of the way quickly, because at this trajectory, it’s only a matter of time until we’re comparing Giannis to Pascal instead.

Not Spicy enough for you? Try this…

Look, it’s not like he was just a skinny kid last season by any stretch of the imagination, but if these latest workout shots don’t have you torqued with anticipation for the upcoming season, you’re probably a Celtics fan.

(Note to all Celtics fan’s caregivers: Cut the previous paragraph out before reading this article to them.)

The Guy

Pascal was a dominant force for the Raptors while playing in the shadows of Kawhi Leonard, and with Kawhi out of the picture, Pascal knows this upcoming season is his chance to show the league he’s ready to be “the guy”. Raptors fans will remember his performances last season during Kawhi’s load management games, which showed much more than just a glimpse of Pascal’s readiness.

Not only did Pascal have a career-year, but he showed an absolutely incredible amount of heart and energy. When the team was beat-up and bruised and running on empty, they could count on Pascal for a boost. When he, himself, was bruised and hurt in the home stretch, you’d barely know it because he’d barely show it.

The Raptors still have Kyle Lowry at the helm to provide his brand of leadership as the soul of the team, but look for Pascal to show more leadership of his own.

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