MMA Fighter Who Died In The Cage Has Made a Full Recovery

CJ Hancock is a mixed martial arts fighter on the regional circuit who died last weekend after cutting way too much weight before a bout, and eating a huge body kick. After he took the kick, he collapsed to the canvas and died moments later, before being revived by quick-acting paramedics who used CPR and a defibrillator to save CJ’s life.

CJ took the social media to make a post about what happened to him: 

“A good friend told me it was a miracle coming back from death. And that even though we may not know why yet, there is a reason! #HAPPYTOBEALIVE#THANKGOD Big thanks to all the people that gave me CPR and hit me with the defibrillator! 💙”

Some fighters aren’t lucky enough to survive a dangerous weight-cut, and after cutting weight you’re really in no condition to be fighting the next day, it’s one of those problems with the sport that everybody knows about, but few people are willing to refuse to cut weight.

Solution to Weight Cutting?

It’s been debated for decades, at least. Everyone has their own ideas and solutions, and the good part about that is that people are talking about it more and more.

If two opponents agreed to just fight straight up at their natural weights, rather than everyone trying to gain an advantage by cutting weight, that would make the sport a lot safer.

The problem is that it can give you such an advantage to be 10 or 15 pounds heavier, and if one guy decides to cut and the other doesn’t, that can make a big difference, you’re essentially fighting somebody who is an entire weight class heavier. If everyone agreed to stop cutting weight, the problem would be solved right away, but if only some people decide to quit – they’re giving themselves a disadvantage. It’s a tough situation.

Some promotions have done away with the practice altogether, or implemented limits where fighters are weighted at various points leading up to the fight, not just as the weigh-ins.

One of the sport’s top referees has even gone on the record in an interview with MMAJunkie to state that weight cutting in more dangerous than steroids in the sport of MMA:

“There’s no fight you’re going to show me – caused by performance-enhancing drugs – that almost killed the fighter in a way that weight-cutting is doing,” – John McCarthy.

Anyways, huge shoutout to CJ for recovering from this scary moment, make sure you show him some love on Instagram.

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