Miesha Tate Continues To Kick Ass In Her Life After Fighting

Miesha Tate started fighting at a time when women had yet to be invited to the big show, before the UFC even had a women’s division, and at a time where the sport got a lot less attention overall. That didn’t stop her from giving it her all, training hard, and fighting like her life depended on it every time she stepped inside the cage.

From bitter rivalries, to lifelong friendships, and everything in between, throughout her fighting career Miesha Tate always displayed a rare toughness and grit.

Miesha Tate was a very active fighter during her career, and was game for any challenge. Her peak moment came in March of 2016, where she choked out Holly Holm in the 5th round to win the championship belt. It was one of the craziest moments in a championship fight, and cemented Tate’s place on the Mount Rushmore of women’s MMA.

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It’s been a year since Miesha hung up her gloves, and nearly a decade since her very first fight back in 2007, and she had her second fight in the same day. It was a loss due to a head kick, but she went on to win 11 of her next 12 fights, and ultimtaely to reach the highest point in her weight class in the world’s biggest promotion, the UFC. It’s a long ways from fighting twice in the same day in a local show.

These Days, There Are Different Kinds of Fights

After retiring from mixed martial arts as a fighter, Miesha continues to have an influence on the sport, taking everything she’s learned over the years and working as a manager for fighters. Having a manager who knows what it takes to climb to the very top of the fight game, plus outside-of-the-cage things like dealing with promotions, sponsors, and even managing money as a fighter, is a huge advantage to any fighter she works with.

“I think managing fulfills the competition need for me,” she said. “I still feel like I’m conquering things. Part of being a fighter is conquering not just an opponent but yourself. You have to dig so deep sometimes and you have to conquer fears and different parts of yourself both emotionally and physically. It’s addicting, that growth. But now I feel I’m doing that in a different realm. It’s not physically competitive but emotionally and mentally, I still feel very competitive. I want to go out there and walk down sponsors. I want to get the best for my athletes so I’m still competing, but in a different way, in business,” explained Miesha in an interview with MMAFighting.com.

In addition to managing fighters, Miesha Tate is also hosting a show on SiriusXM called MMA Today. She brings her unique insights to the world of MMA directly to the fans.

“When I got the opportunity to host my own radio show on SiriusXM it was a no brainer,” said Tate.  “Yes, of course I want to join the biggest radio company out there and have the chance to talk to MMA fans all across the country!  I’m excited to share what I’ve learned from my time in and out of the octagon.  Sean and I will have a lot of fun talking about life, MMA and more! I can’t wait to begin!”

Be Your Own Champion

Miesha has just announced that she’s launching her own online fitness program called BYOC. If you’re interested, registration for the program is opening up soon, but in the meantime you can join the waitlist.

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