What have you been procrastinating about today? Or letting that little voice inside your head tell you that you can’t accomplish? It happens all the time, to many people, but there are certain folks out there who just refuse to listen.

While everyone else is thinking of excuses and reasons not to do something, there’s the rare breed of people whose mentality is more along the lines of, “Try and stop me.”

In the case of Marcus Perrineau-Daley, he’s done a lot in his life, from modelling, to being a DJ, but after a horrible motorbike accident, it really encourtaed him to make the most of his time.

“When I had the accident, it made me want to do more.” – Marcus said.

He explains how he used to be complacent, but that all changed after he nearly lost his life. 

Sometimes, it takes something awful to get us back on the right track. Have you ever had a bad experience, but looking back you’re able to see all the positivity that came from it?

“He’s got none of that core stability, but because he’s not allowed people to tell him what he can and can’t do, he managed to find a way to do it,” explains his coach.

They’ve had to re-invent how to train for boxing. You might think that since boxing is done with the hands and doesn’t involve any kicks like Muay Thai or MMA, that he wouldn’t have to change a whole lot, but it might as well be an entirely different sport for all intents and purposes, it’s much different to box in a wheelchair than to box standing up. That’s okay, it’s just another challenge for a man who is prepared to face anything that comes his way, along with his team who are by his side.

He trains all week between weightlifting and boxing, and spends the weekends training kids and adults in boxing.

Rain or shine, he’s putting in the work to reach his goals.

As tragic as the accident was, he’s working hard everyday to make the most of it and to turn a tragedy into a blessing. He’s striving to make wheelchair boxing a Paralympic sport, so that he can represent Great Britain, and also to open the doors for future generations, so the little kid at home in a wheelchair will see that it’s possible.

“It’s made me a different person, and I’m still learning and I’ve got a long way to go, but I can guarantee you that my journey will be an awesome journey.” – Marcus Perrineau-Daley