JackSepticEye Reveals Why He Doesn’t Want to Stream Again

JackSepticEye is YouTube royalty. He stacks millions of views on most of his videos while amassing nearly 30 million followers since he started making videos just under 10 years ago (based on the date of his first upload).

Some YouTubers are able to make the shift over to streaming very easily, for example YouTuber-Turned-Streamer-Turned-YouTube-Streamer LilyPichu. In other cases, it’s not always easy for someone to adapt to livestreaming when they’re a lot more comfortable having full control over edited videos that they upload themselves.

JackSepticEye in a recent Let’s Play from his YouTube channel.

Livestreaming is a different skill-set compared to making videos, even if it can seem similar at times. There’s a lot of overlap, especially on the technical side of things (lighting, videography, sound) but writing, filming, and editing a video is a lot different than sitting infront of the camera, live, for hours and hours a day.

Twitch is a natural fit for many gaming content creators, since it allows them to hang out with their chats and play games on stream – something that many of them would be doing anyways, even if they never went live.

However, just because JackSepticEye makes gaming content, that doesn’t mean he likes streaming. He’d prefer to stick to video uploads, and here’s why…

Why JackSepticEye Doesn’t Want to Stream Anymore:

JackSepticEye doesn’t plan on streaming on Twitch anymore, or any other platforms, because he finds himself boring in a live format, and prefers to have more control over the pacing and editing of his content.

“I feel like I can make something more entertaining when it’s paced around editing. But if it’s me, I’m like, I just find myself boring.” 

– JackSepticEye, on the Trash Taste podcast.

During this discussion, Jack also talks about staying up and streaming Rust until 6am.

In one sense, streaming can be a lot easier than filming and editing videos, but on the other hand, it can take up a lot of energy for someone who feels like they need to be “on” and entertaining the whole time.

People Love Watching JackSepticEye Play Videogames

A sizeable chunk of JackSepticEye’s content revolves around Let’s Plays, where his fans come by the millions to watch him play through a variety of different games. That seems like it would be a great fit for Twitch, right?

But as a viewer, there’s something nice about being able to pick up and resume a video Let’s Play at your own pace, rather than having to watch a stream all day to follow along with the game they’re playing. Jack appreciates control over pacing, so it’s likely something his audience enjoys, too.

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