In a recent video, Linus Tech Tips took a look at the ROG Swift PG27UQ by ASUS, and what it boils down to is that it’s an incredible monitor, but you’re definitely paying a big premium for being at the cutting edge, and it’s far from being a practical purchase, especially since the vast majority of GPUs won’t be anywhere near able to push this monitor to its limits for a number of years from now. Check out the video below to see the Linus Tech Tips ROG Swift PG27UQ review:

When you’re buying hardware, there are a few different tiers of price to performance to keep in mind. On  the lower end, you can usually get pretty great value, relatively speaking. Your price per performance is going to be very low-cost. As you get higher up the ladder into higher-end computer parts, that value starts to diminish. You’re paying more and more for each step up in performance, not just in actual cost but also in regards to value. You get progressively less for your money the closer you get to the cutting edge.

So when it comes to a monitor, is it worth spending $2000 for the ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ?

For gaming monitors, some of the most sought after features are the size, the refresh rate, and the resolution. For example, you can get a 24 inch 144hz monitor in 1080p for pretty cheap because while it’s high-end when it comes to the refresh rate of 144hz, it’s still lower resolution than a 4k monitor or 1440p, and not huge in size. You can get a 27 inch monitor with a lower refresh rate in 1080p for cheap too, and other combinioatns of specs where ultimately you’re basically sacrificing one thing or another.

But the ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ doesn’t make any of those sacrifices. It’s 144hz, 4k, and 27 inches… so that’s where you end up paying a premium, and instead of $200, $300, or even $700, it’s about 3x the typical cost for a higher-end monitor.

What makes it so special is getting 4k at 144hz, and of course not having to sacrifice on size either.

It has a very gamer aesthetic to it, “Aggressive lines” as Linus describes them in the above video.

The downside is that you’ll need an absolutely beastly GPU (or two) at 4k and 144 frames per second, Linus predicts that it could be 3-5 years until the GPUs are able to fully power this monitor and unlock all of its potential, and by that time, buying a monitor with these specs will likely be a lot less expensive.

So, unless you’ve got an absolutely ridiculous graphics card setup, you won’t be pushing any AAA titles anywhere near what this monitor can handle, so you’re probabally better off sticking to something like a 27 inch, 144hz, 1440k monitor that you can find for many times less expensive than this ROG Swift PG27UQ.