44 Garden Tattoo Ideas for People Who Love Nature

Need some tattoo inspiration? Check out these gardening tattoo designs. Maybe you’ll find something that inspires your next piece? From black and white leaf tattoos, to full-color vegetable tattoos, variety is the key to any great garden and so we’ve got plenty of it!

We’ve got tats of vegetables, fruits, planters, leaves, trees, and more. Looking for something different? Just leave a comment and tell us what style of tat you’re looking for, and we promise we’ll get to work to put together an amazing curation of ideas.

If you recognize any of these impressive pieces, let us know so we can support the artists!

If this is your FIRST tattoo, make sure you go all the very to the very end of this list because we have some important advice you NEED To hear before getting inked.

Are you new to tattoos? Before getting an awesome gardening tattoo, there’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t be afraid to research the shop and artist. Nowadays, most of them will have Instagram or other profiles where you can see galleries of their work. If their style isn’t a match, don’t hold it against them – just make sure you find someone else who is a better fit, to make sure you’re happy with the results.
  • Ask questions about their hygienic protocols, any reputable shop should be taking every necessary precaution but it’s good to ask instead of just assuming.
  • Be respectful to the artist and of their work. It takes time and creative energy to make great work, and talented tattoo artists dedicate their lives to their craft. Take the process seriously from the start.

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