The Dark Truth About FedSmoker From Your Mom’s House

Who is FedSmoker? Let’s find out. He’s a notorious figure who gained an online following, but there’s a lot more to the story than that.

Is FedSmoker dead? Yes, rest is peace FedSmoker. Hopefully, he finds the peace that he wasn’t able to find on earth. Now, he’s wherever people go when they die, and he’s probably making sure they’re following proto.

FedSmoker, whose real name was Conald Petersen, was a notorious figure in his community with a history of harassing law enforcement officers, security guards, and even school children, according to a petition that was created several years ago with the goal of having him extradited.

He gained a higher degree of online notoriety the same way that most Cool Guys do; after being discovered by the Your Mom’s House podcast, similar to Robert Paul Champagne and a whole cavalcade of other “interesting” people.

FedSmoker’s Death

FedSmoker’s body was found with his car on the side of a highway, leading to many online tributes and memes that celebrate his catchphrases and overall oddness. He died the same way he lived, featherin’ and following proto.

His death was discovered when someone on a boating enthusiast internet forum posted the above photo (We cropped out the body that’s seen in the original photo, with a yellow tarp over it, and one arm sticking out, holding a jug. After several comments about this morbid scene, somebody recognized the combination of the car, and the man beneath the tarp based on the small amount of him that was visible. They realized this was FedSmoker himself, which was later confirmed by comparing photos of this car with FedSmoker’s car, along with other identifying marks on the body.

The Conald Peterson Petition

The petition, directed at the Governor of Nebraska Pete Ricketts. It’s from several years ago, before he became a popular character on YMH. This petition describes FedSmoker and his actions as follows:

Conald Petersen aka Fed Smoker aka numerous other names, is a fugitive from justice in Adams County Nebraska.  He also uses Youtube to harrass, humiliate, and destroy American lives.  He causes people to live in fear and has involved innocent women and children in his “agenda”.

Conald Petersen has a criminal history and is potentially violent.  He has previous disorderly conduct and assault charges in numerous states, and who knows what else he has done that we don’t know about.

Conald Petersen should be extradited to the state of Nebraska to face the warrant for his arrest in Adams County.  He has ruined numerous communities all across the country and is an enemy of the United States, in that he uses edited videos to give every day Americans, and police officers a bad reputation.  He uses slander and intimidation to achieve his goal of creating hate, fear, and constant discomfort.  Above all, he has targeted INNOCENT CHILDREN and is a FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE.  The last two points cannot be stressed enough.

People who know him through seeing his videos on Your Mom’s House might not realize the extent to which he would terrorize neighborhoods and frighten people. It’s one thing to see a few funny videos online, but it’s another thing entirely to have to face this aggressive and unpredictable man face to face while he swears and berates you.

We don’t want to take away anything from the people who have crossed paths with him and had to deal with whatever negative elements that may have introduced into their life, nor to diminish the fear or suffering they may have experienced. Having said that, FedSmoker was clearly a very mentally ill person who wasn’t getting the support he needed to thrive in this world and was egged on and encouraged online. That’s not an excuse for his behaviour, but for people who only knew him from his videos and found him to be a source of entertainment and a positive aspect to their life, we probably shouldn’t discount that either.

Suffice to say, FedSmoker was a lot of things to a lot of different people. To some, he was an inspiration to live life on the edge and go out and do what you want to, whether that means showing up to city council meetings or trying to ensure that law enforcement acts properly, however misguided. To others, he was someone to fear, a negative force in their life that lead to the point of having to create a petition. To some, he was a test of their patience and a warning to stay on the straight and narrow path in life. Whatever FedSmoker meant to you, I encourage you to leave a comment and share your story and experience. Where did you first hear about him? Did you ever have an encounter with him?

More from FedSmoker:

Here’s another forum post, this time from from 2013 by somebody who works at a car dealership that had an encounter with FedSmoker.

Here’s an excerpt from the aforementioned forum post: “Well he comes in to the showroom and I immediately tell him that I am with customers and that this other salesman (he was still standing there) would answer whatever questions he had. While they were talking I went in and called the local police; they immediately knew who I was talking about and described him to a T. He had been camping out in the parking lot across the street for about a week and harassing the officers. They told me that he was dangerous and to stay away from him.”

What does keep featherin’ it mean?

Tom Segura says that it’s an expression like “Just glassin'” that has one initial meaning but gets used in a variety of different ways. Just glassin’ originally meant to look through binoculars, but started being used to describe just about anything.

Featherin’ It comes from the FedSmoker video where he cuts his own hair and it has been expanded to describe basically whatever you want. Tom says it’s in the eye of the user, so whatever you want to use the phrase “featherin’ it” to mean, that’s what it means.

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  1. I live in a very small town that has a population of about 600 people. “Fed Smoker” rolled into our little town a few years ago and was the biggest jack ass I ever met. He would harass young teenage girls, women and the elderly. Two days into his visit to our little town, several dads and husbands found his fat stinky butt and ran him out of town. After he left with his tail between his legs, we found his you tube videos.

    • Bless you for taking the time to point that out. I was about to crucify myself for such a major f’k up, but it turns out that I actually spelled it both ways in this article. I don’t know if that’s better or worse, but it is what it is. Stay blessed, Rusty, you’re a real one.

  2. Always sad to lose such a strong personality. Let it serve as a reminder to always keep ’em high and tight.

    We miss you Conald.

    Piss on me and beat me,
    A fan

  3. Cause the ladies put a lil pink I dink

    Who gets the ink

    When ya ain’t got dink

    When you rare up n all and have a little drink


    Demolition man trained in the highest caliber

    • The rock scene had G.G. and the world had Conald. A man who would peel his big ol cheeks open and with violent malice and extreme projections shoot hot diarrhea onto the law and volunteer to clean it off them with his pee pee the runny diarrhea only a very, VERY unhealthy type travlin’ man could launch all over ya. Loosing a pillar of the CUMunity like him was a tootin’ shame and that means meth is filling up the pockets of the ones who making it since ain’t nobody buying it now. Gritting his teeth and defecating runny diarrhea into the faces of crooked feds the CI double agent be doing from high above the pits of hell he has surely taken over. Rest in shards my boy

  4. My hubby and I had an encounter with him in the parking lot of a walmart in Cortez Colorado. We are full time RVers and we’re spending the night there. We left ourselves enough room in the parking lot to pull out in the morning, a few minutes later in pulls Fedsmoker parking right in front of us. We immediately started to look for another overnight spot when he came walking over to our rig. Surprisingly he was cordial but could tell he was high on something other than weed. But we chatted for a bit, him telling us how he got people to give him money. I was little nervous. We then Googled him and was shocked at his videos. Tell you what ifhe pulled that crap in NY the cops would have either shot him dead or arrested him.

    • It’s honestly incredible how many people have had encounters with this guy all across the country. I guess a lot of people have encounters with many different folks, but Fedsmoker is a little more memorable than most.

  5. I think its worth mentioning that he did supposedly put a chief of police in prison. You are right to acknowledge he had mental issues, but some of his bold claims seem to be real. Also not all people who crossed paths with him were harassed and he had fairly normal encounters with people in some videos. I personally think he seemed to be legit about his goal of exposing dirty cops, but clearly somewhere along the line his sanity started to slip living out of his car traveling the country and relying on donations for gas and food. Also many suspect he was a drug addict, but I don’t think he ever had enough money to support a constant drug habit.

  6. I was working as an editor in a small-town (5,000 people) when Conald rolled in, scaring the hell out of folks. Phones at the paper were ringing off the hook and I got a press release from the po-po within a few hours … telling folks to just steer clear of this newcomer and his weird lookin car. Sure enough … after about a day or so, Conald rolled out of town as quickly and quietly as he rolled into it, heading down the highway to another town on Highway 34, leaving a trail of videos behind.

  7. Herky is his nickname he is from Juniata nebraska I’ve known him for many years I even had him sleep on my back deck we got along pretty damn good he even had his own tattoo shop yeah he might have been a bad ass but there is a side of him that I got to see that makes him not such a bad guy some days

  8. 🤣 this is funny shit you ppl live in an fantasy world an so quick to jump on the haters train an talk the talk not knowing what he ya talking about but haters are gonna hate an ainters are gonna ain’t this was my cousin that was was loved by many

    • Hey Michael, it would be amazing if you had any stories you wanted to share about your cousin (rest in peace), a lot of people will see it and a lot of them really liked him. If there’s anything you would like people to know, we will publish it.

  9. Interestingly enough, with all of the “horrific” stories and “lives that have been ruined” by Conald during his “raping and pillaging” of the countryside, it took a bunch of people getting together a nationwide petition to extradite him for a misdemeanor … AND THEY STILL COULDN’T MANAGE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! Nobody can go on such a “destructive rampage” across the US and not even have so much as an extraditable warrant out for their arrest!

    Sure, Conald was not your average Joe… and some (many?) might even argue that he was a mean, vile, rude, crude, and extremely offensive individual. But that’s not illegal. It’s a free country, and it just sounds to me like – and I’m sure Conald would agree – there’s a bunch of snowflakes out there who weren’t following proto!

    Rest in Peace, Conald Peterson.
    You did your best; And often times, that’s just not enough for many people.

    & RESPECT to Micheal popagorgio! I’m sorry for your loss.

  10. I’m sorry to hear that he’s gone..
    …but he will live on in infamy, FOREVER on the Internet.
    R.I.P. Fed Smoker, Conald Petersen.
    You were the extended spirit of
    Thompson’s Gonzo Journalism,
    wether you knew it or not.
    “Too weird to live, Too rare to die”

  11. fed smoker was a targeted individual, quite often real TI’s say they are followed by white vehicles, theres a clip of him mentioning how hes always followed by them.. he also seems like hes under mind control, they can make people crazy, this guy was going around calling people baby rapers, definitely the kind of humor the criminals responsible for this human experimentation use. They are perverted and often joke about being pedos when they use V2K on you.


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