Meet Eric Kelly, a boxing coach who belittles his students and leaves them feeling terrible about themselves in order to improve. He was a well-ranked amateur boxer before damaging his eye in what he calls a ‘street incident’.

A lot of his students are Wall Street guys who want to feel tough after crunching numbers all he. He calls them all nerds, and much worse…

He spends the day making fun of them, and seeing who is built for it and weeding out everyone who isn’t.

This type of motivation doesn’t work for everyone, however. Some people excel with the abuse, others break and can’t handle it. There’s a certain type of masochism that it takes to want to train at a gym where you’re going to be razzed the entire time, totally belittled, hazed, and made fun of. If you rise to the occasion, you’ll be set. If not, maybe there’s a Zumba class down the street.

Even during the interview, he stops to make fun of one of his student’s uppercut. Another guy wraps his hand wrong and gets torn apart and has it immortalized on video forever.

It’s kind of like that restaurant Dick’s Last Resort, where the servers make fun of you and it’s just part of the experience.

Forgot about customer service here, it’s about boxing. In today’s world, which is infinitely easier than life used to be for previous generations in many places on Earth, some people just need a little adversity. When you have a cushy job in finance and not a lot to worry about, getting physical and taking some abuse seems to appeal to these guys.