Entrepreneur Tattoos for People who Love Business [Ideas and Designs]

Are you a seasoned entrepreneur, or just getting your start but you know it’s in your blood? Join the ranks for the trailblazers, the risk-takers and those who reap the rewards of long, sleepless nights of work with an entrepreneur tattoo based on motivation, hustling, business, work ethic, and similar themed that that lead to a successful life.

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1. Here’s a tattoo of a bank with an artistic flare to it, like taking the corporate world adding some creativity and art into it.

2. Here’s another entrepreneurial-themed tattoo that highlights business and industry.

3. Here’s Ben Franklin next to the bills that showcase him, a good tattoo design when you’re all about the Benjamins.

4. Here’s one that online entrepreneurs will be able to relate to, these are the logos to Adobe software.

5. Here’s a more traditional American-style tattoo of a knife stabbing through a stack of cash.

6. Benjamin Franklin’s head is a skull in this tattoo, and so is the stack of cash on the table.

7. “I’d Rather Die On My Feet Than Live On My Knees” is a sentiment that many entrepreneurs can relate to.

8. It says “Goal Digger” instead of “Gold Digger”, it means to chase accomplishments.

9. Stick to it, don’t let them grind you down.

10. A tattoo that says “Grind”.

11. A Hustle hand tattoo, I think it’s temporary.

12. Here’s a Hustle Hard tattoo, this one is definitely temporary but can still offer inspiration and ideas.

13. “To Infinity and Beyond” is where entrepreneurs are aiming.

14. It’s a rose made out of bills, a money flower.

15. Money on my Mind tattoo idea

16. Money bag tattoos, two of them are still sealed and the other one is spilling onto the ground.

17. A “Get Rich of Die Trying” tattoo with a money flower that 50 Cent himself would approve of.

18. A shoulder tattoo showing $100 bills turned into a mask, with a woman crying behind the mask.

19. Stay Humble/Hustle Hard tattoo design

20. Support the Dreamers tattoo idea

Would you ever get one of these entrepreneur tattoos, or are you looking for different ideas? If you’d get one, leave a comment and let us know which number is your favorite or let us know what type of entrepreneurial tattoo you would rather get.

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