Dr. Drew After Dark Is a Podcast Spin-off Of Your Mom’s House

Dr. Drew rose to prominence as a host of Loveline and snowballed that into a gig hosting Celebrity Rehab. After his CNN show was was cancelled in 2016 for speculating about the health of Hillary Clinton, could Dr. Drew have ever imagined that the most prestigious moment in his career was still around the corner?

Dr. Drew Pinsky has been a guest on Your Mom’s House multiple times, with some of the best moments being when he would react to all of the popular podcast’s most notorious clips, giving his expert opinion on the mental state of some of the most famous recurring “cast members”.

Dr. Drew has a great chemistry with the hosts of YMG, Christina P and her husband Tom Segura.

Episode 1 of Dr. Drew After Dark features Christina P. 

Episide 2 of Dr. Drew After Dark features Tom Segura. 

Episode 3 of Dr. Drew After Dark features Bobby Lee.

After Dark is hosted on the YourMomsHousePodcast YouTube channel, so make sure you subscribe to catch a new episode each week.

So far the format is somewhat structured but also loose. It’s Dr. Drew chatting with his guest for a while, watching and reacting to video clips, and answering questions from listeners. The inspiration from YMH is clear, but he puts his own twist on the format.

You can tell the show is being well-received by the Mommies, too, here are some of the reviews:

“This podcast was both high and tight!”

“Even if you’re not in the cool guy club you should try it out.”

“Is it true that “The Biggest Loser” was based on the life of Bart Chrysler? I’ll hang up and listen to the answer.”

“This cool guy went higher and tighter than ever before by teaming up with Mommies Kristen and Tin in Dr. Drew After Dark! I’m so freaking excited to listen to this podcast while I’m out here glassin’ and trying it out! Hope everyone gives it a download. Mwah! Chow baby!”

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