Dr Disrespect Reveals Why He Hasn’t Released New Merch in Years

Dr. Disrespect has a huge, loyal fanbase and it’s not uncommon for one of his fans to ask about plans for upcoming merch.

During a recent stream, one of Dr. Disrespect’s fans asked him if he had any plans to release golfing merchandise, for example golf shirts or shorts, or maybe even accessories. There’s a lot of easy merch that a creator could release if there’s an overlap in their fan base with golfing including towels, golf balls, covers for clubs, and tons more.

You can buy merch right now at Dr. Disrespect’s merch site, but it’s from the 2020’s VSM collection.

Dr. Disrespect Comments on Plans for Merchandise

In response to this inquiry from a fan, the Doc had the following to say in regards to his plans for merch:

Question: “Any chance for some golf merch in the future?”

Doc’s reply: “I think the whole merch scene right now is tough with product and designers… I don’t know, I’ve been holding off on putting out merchandise. First off, because I don’t want to flood you guys with stuff all the time, you know what I mean? I want it to be special, number one.

Number two, I haven’t found something I, from an aesthetic standpoint, really enjoy and want to release.

There might be a VSM drop #2 happening, but in terms of specifics and golf and stuff, I don’t think so.”

When Will There Be New Dr. Disrespect Merch?

By the sounds of it, there could be a refresh to Doc’s previous VSM merch drop, but he didn’t sound all that excited or enthusiastic about it yet, so it may still be a ways away.

What do you think about Doc’s apprehension in regards to flooding his fans with too much new stuff all the time? It’s always up to the individual fans if they want to buy something or not, so even if someone isn’t ready for new Dr. Disrespect merch, they could always just avoid buying it…

But it’s still cool that he’s mindful of flooding his audience with too much stuff that he’s trying to sell them, and that he wants to make sure he has the time, energy, designs, and products that will actually excite him, so that when it is time for new merch, it’s something everyone will be stoked for.

How Much Merch is Too Much Merch?

You can contrast Doc’s approach to some creators who feel like they’re just constantly trying to squeeze out every single penny from their audience, and this includes other huge creators. In Doc’s case, he’s doing pretty well so he doesn’t need to try to draw blood from a stone with new merch drops every week or two.

H3, for instance, is dropping new Teddy Fresh merch on a monthly basis and charging a small fortune for it. Granted, Teddy Fresh is a trendy clothing brand, but when you tune into the H3 podcast and nearly every cast member is decked out in the gear, and it’s promoted on a very regular basis, it’s essentially a stand-in for H3 merch – especially since they very rarely release any of their “regular” H3-branded merch.

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with promoting merch, or having a brand that’s attached at the hip to their content, it’s just a contrast to how Dr. Disrespect chooses to do things.

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