OtterBox’s Sketchy Response About Wireless Charging Shows They’re As Confused As We Are

If you’ve got yourself a new cellphone that supports wireless charging, and you’re wondering if  your OtterBox case will work with Qi and other wireless charging standards, you’ll have to just keep wondering because even OtterBox aren’t clear about it and have shown zero interest in informing their customers.

There’s a lot of contradictory information about what does and doesn’t work as far as charging with an Otterbox case on is concerned, so we assumed OtterBox would have tested this out themselves with a bunch of different chargers, since they claim their cases support 100% of any phone’s features while using their cases, and wireless charging is increasingly becoming a feature of many phones. Some sites say it’ll work as long as the case isn’t too thick, others say it depends on which OtterBox case you’re using.

OtterBox themselves are sending mixed signals.

After some back and forth with their support staff trying to clear things up, Otterbox sounds confused about this too…

OtterBox told us that their cases HAVE BEEN TESTED and WORK with every “Apple Approved” wireless charging device. We asked them for a list of which chargers are “Apple Approved”, and which ones in particular that they’ve tested it with, and they essentially informed us that THIS LIST DOES NOT EXIST.

They claimed that they HAVE performed tests with their cases and this particular list of “Apple Approved” wireless chargers, but when asked which specific cases they tested, they got kind of weird about it…

A clarification is particularly important since there doesn’t seem to be any “Apple Approved” list of wireless charging stations. Is Otterbox making up tests, making up results, and even making up the Apple Approved designation? Maybe Apple Approved exists, we couldn’t find anything to suggest that it does, however.

OtterBox Backpedals On Their Compatibility Claims After Being Asked For The Slightest Amount of Detail On Their Alleged “Tests” That May or May Not Have Even Happened

In an increasingly curt and increasingly rude series of responses, they started off by claiming their tests showed complete compatibility with every “Apple Approved” wireless charger, however they flat-out refuse to tell us which chargers are actually “Apple Approved”, and they also flat-out refused to share with us specifically which chargers they have tested.

They won’t list which ones are “Apple Approved”, they won’t share the results of their tests, and they won’t even tell us which chargers they tested in the first place – despite making the claim that their cases have, indeed, been tested with every “Apple Approved” charger.

How on earth can OtterBox claim their phones have been tested and are working perfectly with a series of different chargers, but not actually have a list of which ones they’ve tested?

It’s really sketchy and unprofessional, and it leaves their customers and would-be customers left to guess as to whether or not a charger will work.

Why would OtterBox staff refuse to let us know which devices they’ve tested, especially if those tests yielded positive results like they claimed?

They told me to contact Apple for a list of Apple’s approved wireless chargers – but once again – this brief and curt response fails to acknowledge the question at hand. Why would Otterbox rely on Apple to let us know which chargers that OtterBox themselves have tested? How would Apple know which devices Otterbox has tested if Otterbox themselves don’t even know?

image via cnet

Some of the companies that sell wireless chargers have acknowledged that the chargers will work with phone cases on, as long as the cases fall below a certain thickness (Usually around 0.3 – 0.5mm in thickness.)

We looked around on OtterBox’s website and they don’t seem to list the thickness of their products, so it’s impossible to know if they’ll be compatible with a particular wireless charger unless you buy it and test it yourself, since OtterBox REFUSES to share the results of their alleged tests. Why are they relying on their customers to take the leap of faith when buying an expensive wireless charger, if OtterBox has already done these tests so that we don’t have to?

All around, it was a weird experience. And a really bad look for Otterbox. 

  • They started off by claiming they have tested their cases with numerous wireless chargers,
  • They refused to tell which chargers they tested,
  • Instead, using a blanket statement that they’ve tested their cases with every “Apple Approved” wireless charger,
  • When pressed for this supposed list of “Apple Approved” chargers, they told us to ask Apple,
  • Then they just stopped responding altogether.

If I had to guess, it sounds like somebody from Otterbox may have slipped up initially by claiming they have tested their cases with a bunch of different chargers and that they worked perfectly. It’s possible that these tests never happened, or that the results weren’t as favorable as initially stated, and rather than admit that – they’d rather just ignore it. In any case, it was very poorly handled. Due to the sketchy way Otterbox has been responded to inquiries, we’re left to guess and speculate.

Otterbox with a wireless charger?

We’ve managed to dig through various user reviews, and the results have been mixed. Some people say their Otterbox case allows for wireless charging, others say it doesn’t – and it probabally depends on which charger you end up with. Unfortunately, Otterbox doesn’t want us to know which chargers work – despite the fact that they went through the effort to ALLEGEDLY “test” them.

Dear Otterbox: It’s really simple! If you made up the tests, let us know. If you didn’t make them up, let us know which ones actually work!

You can reach us on Twitter. We want to update this page to include your response, and most importantly, to let our readers know which wireless chargers work with Otterbox cases.

Until Otterbox gets their shit together, we strongly recommend checking out an Otterbox alternative, there are thinner cases out there that HAVE been tested and DO work with wireless chargers.

We’ll give Otterbox some time to clear this up before we start recommending their competitors instead.

Does Otterbox work with wireless chargers? Who knows – try asking them. 😂

Until they decide to respond to our numerous attempts to reach out to them, here’s a look at some of the many Otterbox Fails you can find online:

Here’s someone from MacRumors who had their phone fall about 4 feet, and not only did the screen shatter, but the phone was actually BENT.

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