31 Doctor Who Tattoo Ideas for Whovians (Tardis Tattoos, Dalak Tattoos, and more!)

Doctor Who fans take their fandom very seriously, so it’s no surprise that there are tons of amazing Doctor Who tattoo ideas out there to inspire you.

Don’t copy any of these tattoos, just use them for ideas and inspiration. If you need to show your tattoo artist what you have in mind, these can be a good frame of reference but completely copying someone else’s unique Doctor Who tattoo designs isn’t cool. Book a consultation with your artist and they’ll be able to put their own spin on any of these designs to find something that’s just for you.

See if you can spot the Dalek tattoo on this page, too!

Here are some Doctor Who tattoo ideas to get things started…

After this section, we’ll have a bunch of awesome Tardis tattoos. Some of the following ones feature a Tardis, too, but just a bit less prominently in most cases. Whether you’re looking for a one-off piece or a full Doctor Who tattoo sleeve, you’ll find some great ideas below. What do you think of the Gallifreyan tattoo below?

Tardis Tattoo Ideas

Here are some Tardis tattoo designs. A good amount of people getting a Dr Who tattoo end up going with some type of Tardis tattoo, and here are some incredible examples to give you ideas. You can combine the Tardis with something that you’re passionate about for a personal touch, like the person who got a tattoo of the famous blue booth next to some mushrooms, for instance.

Have you gotten any tattoos before? If you’re looking at your first one, make sure you understand all of the important things like how to tell if a shop is using proper hygiene and safety procedures, how to tell if the artist’s style will suit what you like, what’s a fair price to pay, how to research the best tattoo shop, and all that. It’s not something you want to just get on a whim at the first shop you see, you know? A little bit of research will go a long way in ensure that everything’s perfect with your ink for the rest of your life.

There you have it, some subtle Doctor Who tattoo ideas, some other ones that are a bit more on the nose, some doctor who couple tattoo ideas that you can share with that special someone or a close friend… would you like to see more? Check out some tea tattoo ideas, garden tattoo ideas, or drama mask tattoos.

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