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She Took INSANE Doses Of Steroids In The 90’s, Here She Is Today

Denise Rutkowski was a successful bodybuilder in the ’90s, a sport that’s all about pushing your body to the extreme limits of what is possible, just to see what happens. It’s not always healthy, and they know it… Everyone who gets extreme about bodybuilding knows the risks, many of them have lost friends already, but it’s a path that people still venture down. As humans, we can become addicted to pushing the limits, just to see how far they’ll bent before they break.

Exercise, obviously, is good for the body and so is eating right, two components of bodybuilding… but there’s a more sinister aspect to the Holy Trinity of getting JACKED, though… and that’s taking some serious Gear. Steroids. Juice.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s always been the elephant in the room in the world of bodybuilding. Some athletes flat out deny ever taking it (They don’t want to lose their sponsors or the illusion that it’s creating and protein powder that are responsible for their 26 inch biceps…) whereas other bodybuilders are a lot more open about it. There’s only so much the human body and hard work can accomplish on their own, if you want to take it to the top tier, you’ll need a little extra… supplementation.

Anyways, back to Denise Rutkowski, who took second place at a Mrs. Olympia competition, but also suffered from the downsides of reaching for greatness.

After the competition was over, Denise returned home to Texas to study the Bible in College. Shortly after, in the mid ’90s, she was travelling around America to share the gospel.

This is the part where the story takes an unfortunate turn, in the early 00’s when she was arrested multiple times for evading arrest (Which sounds kind of odd when you think about it, arrested for not getting arrested… There’s got to be some kind of Double Jeopardy thing going on there, can we can a legal expert in our girl’s corner here?)

It has been alleged that Denise suffers from bipolar, and has had issues with drug addiction as well. We wish her nothing but the best, it takes a very strong person (inside and outside) to reach the pinnacle of such a grinding sport as bodybuilding, and we hope she’s finding that same strength to overcome some of the obstacles she’s had to deal with.


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