Danica Patrick Admits She’s Been Pulled Over 20+ Times for Speeding

If you were wondering “where is Danic Patrick now?” then you should know that Danica Patrick was recently a guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast, where they had an interesting conversation about Danica Patrick’s winery Somnium Wine, her career on the race track, her clothing line, and get frequent speeding tickets.

At one point, she admitted that she’s been pulled over at least 20 times for speeding, and her biggest streak is three speeding tickets in three days. Danica says she is an aggressive driver, and she has very little patience for people around her who are bad drivers.

The first car she ever owned was a Mustang Cobra, and it’s that badboy that got her the hat-trick of speeding tickets. Within the first 8000 miles of owning it, she went through 3 sets of brakes already. She was 16 at the time.

One time, when she was picking up her friend, and while turning onto the main street. It was wet out, and she “got it giong and kicked it sideways a bit”, but a cop was sitting right there. She tried to run from him, by turning onto a side street, pulling into a driveway, and slouching down in the car to hide. She almost made it away, until a few moments later when she made a turn and he was waiting right there. She said she thinks she cried to get out of the ticket.

“Nobody ever got a speeding ticket for getting to the speed limit too quickly.” – Danica Patrick

She doesn’t drive any kind of sports car in her personal life anymore, when she isn’t driving rentals while travelling, she’d rather just cruise around in something a little more chill, since she’s driving around in fast cars most of the time for work.

When she isn’t racing, she drives for very practical reasons, getting from A to B.

She asked Joe Rogan which car she should buy, and he suggested that she picks up a loud, rumbling American car like a Camaro. He also told her about a rare hot pink Dodge Viper, but she was more interested in something a little less feminine like a stainless steel look.

Joe was surprised to hear that she isn’t much of a car girl, she just drives them, and doesn’t really care about the details. They speculated that once she’s done racing, she might be more interested in a spicer car.

Danica Patrick Retirement from Racing

Danica Patrick plans to step away from racing after coining the “Danica Double”, in which she’ll be participating in two major races then hanging up the gloves.

After being dropped by her previous sponsor, she’s once again reunited with GoDaddy for the home stretch, which is nice to see.

Danica Patrick GoDaddy Commercials

GoDaddy and Danica had a long relationship, her appearance in their advertising and Super Bowl ads introduced her to a lot of the general public, and the controversy from them helped get a ton of buzz for GoDaddy, even if a lot of it was bad press or giving the domain registrar a bit of a bad reputation.

GoDaddy has since tried to re-claim their brand and have strayed away from the more controversial types of advertising, but it’s cool to see Danica back behind the wheel in the green GoDaddy car once more.

How old is Danica Patrick today?

Danica Patrick was born on March 25, 1982 so to find old how old Danica Patrick is today, take the current date and subtract 1982 from it. If the current day comes before March 25th subtract one more year, if it comes after March 25th, you’ve already got your answer.

Danica Patrick Net Worth

What’s Danica Patrick’s net worth? Well, that’s the business of herself and her accountant and that’s about it, but since she’s a public figure and some of her career earnings come from prizes that are publicly disclosed, it’s possible to get a rough idea. Obviously, all of those net worth websites are just taking a shot in the dark. Some say Danice Patrick’s net worth is around 70-90 million dollars. Other sites debate whether she’s wealthier than her husband, Aaron Rodgers.

Danica Patrick’s husband: Aaron Rodgers earns over 30 million dollars per season from his football salary, not to mention

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