Fight fans are finally getting what we’ve been anticpating for years, Cyborg in a huge fight against a formidible opponent.

In the past couple years since joining the UFC, Cyborg has continued to wreck everyone placed infront of her, but still hasn’t gone up against any top names in the division.

Granted, it’s not like people are lining up to fight her, either.

Holly Holm was up for the challenge, though, and now we’ve got the biggest women’s MMA fight of all time. It might not sell as much as Ronda in her prime, or attract as much attention, but for serious fans, you know that this is something special in the making.

To say that Holly has her work cut out for her is an understatement, but a win here over Cyborg along with her victory over Rousey definitely puts Holly Holm in the conversation to be considered the greatest women’s MMA fighter.

Stakes are high for Cyborg, too. A win here gets her a lot more well-deserved buzz outside of the hardcore fight universe. People who don’t follow fighting very closely understand things like “She beat the girl who beat Ronda,” a lot moreĀ  than they understand “She’s 18-1-1 and has held belts in 3 different promotions.”

This fight takes place in December 30th in Las Vegas.

After the announcement of this fight, people noticed that the headline slot is still “TBA vs. TBA” for this card, which adds further fuel to rumors of a Conor McGregor fight taking place on that night, although the UFC has said that his alternation with a referee at a Bellator event has put a halt to that.

The only time Cyborg has ever lost was when she was submitted in her very fight fight. While she’s gone against some good opponents, she hasn’t exactly made a career out of fighting the cream of the crop, as we mentioned.

Everyone knows this is a step up in competition for Cyborg, but it’s also a step-up in competition for Holm, arguably. Holly has fought some of the top-ranked fighters in the UFC, with mixed results, but Cyborg has this certain aura about her.

So, who do you think is going to win this fight?

Unless Cyborg goes for the takedown, in which case she’ll have a huge advantage on the ground, we’ll be seeing one of the highest-level WMMA striking matches to ever take place.

Cyborg and Holly are both excellent strikers, perhaps Holly is more on the technical and patient side, whereas Cyborg just comes in like a wrecking ball.

Kickboxing is a world that both fighters have ventured into. Holly Holm spent a lot of her career as a top-tier boxer, before making the switch to MMA and adapting as quickly as possible.

Something tells us this is going to be a memorable fight, regardless of which way it goes. It’s one of those fights that feels like it could mark a big change for the sport, kind of like Holly vs Ronda.