39 Comedy Tragedy Mask Tattoo Ideas for Theater Lovers

Sock and Buskin tattoos are a great way to tip your hat to theater, whether it’s Ancient Greece or a more current love for the dramatic arts.

These are unisex tattoos, so these are great for men, women, and everyone else, too. If you recognize any of this artwork, please let us know because we would love to support the artists responsible for these wonderful creations.

Color Theater Mask Tattoos

Let’s start off with some color comedy tragedy tattoo designs to get the ball rolling, if you’re looking for something that’s just black or has very, very minimal extra color to it, skip past this and check out the next gallery below.

Black and White Drama Mask Tattoos

Here’s a collection of black and white masks that is filled with everything from very simple, clean lines to more complex designs. From minimalist, to complicated, these tattoos are all just black, or may have very faint touches of color.

There’s a misconception that the masks themselves are called sock and buskin, but those are actually the names footwear worm by performers based on their character’s fate. Over the years, the meanings have blended together, so whether you’re looking for a sock or buskin in the modern definition, or just a comedy tragedy mask tattoo, we’ve got you covered with plenty of ideas and inspiration.

We recommend against getting an exact copy of any of these tattoos – artwork is special and unique – so find a local artist, show them what you like, and work with them to create something special!

From theater masks, drama mask tattoos, and comedy tragedy mask tattoo ideas… hopefully you’ve found something you can take to your favorite artist for inspiration.

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