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Christina P and Tom Segura’s New Sitcom Is Getting a Put Pilot (Whatever That Means)

Tom Segura (best known for his masterful hydration) and his lovely wife Christina P (known for her personality) have announced that they have a put order for a family sitcom called “The Little Things”. We’re not sure what the show’s about, but with a title like that it’s definitely not about Bert Kreischer’s stomach.

On the plus size, sorry, plus side, it is going to be shot with a multi-cam setup which is a requirement if you want to film Bert, so perhaps a cameo is in the works?

Bert sends a congratulatory tweet to his friends after hearing the news…

CBS is smart to try it out, both comedians have specials on Netflix and it was a major loss for Netflix to not put something together with them. I don’t know about you but I’m ready to watch this show right now, right now, right now.

We’re not really sure what a put pilot is but it’s probabally something good since everyone is celebrating the news.

The show’s being written by Scott Marder who has credits from It’s Always Sunny, BoJack horseman, and The Mick.

The Little Things will likely appeal to Daniacs, hot black guys, poly genderqueers, and dominant tattood white ladies.

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