27 Year Old Creator Had Her TikTok Deleted for Being “Underage”

TikTok, one of the biggest apps on the planet, has been known to be a little trigger-happy when it comes to moderation and bans. Here’s a good example that should be absolutely terrifying to any content creator who invests time on the platform…

If it can happen to her, it can happen to you.

Chloe Donald is a 27 year old content creator who streams on Twitch, makes YouTube videos, and used to post content to TikTok until her account was not only banned, but permanently deleted. Here’s the support message she received from TikTok…

Why Was Chloe Donald Banned on TikTok?

Getting a reply to a support ticket after a TikTok ban can feel like a victory in and of itself, but in this case, it’s pretty obvious that they didn’t take 5 seconds to look into the matter.

Which is pretty scary! Sure, TikTok owns the platform and they’re allowed to ban people if they want to, but with so many creators putting so much time and effort into growing their following on TikTok, just to be banned with no recourse, that’s pretty scary stuff.

If this keeps happening, creators are doing to think twice before bringing their audiences over to TikTok or putting in the time to grow on the platform – and that’s bad news for TikTok.

Chloe Donald’s TikTok Ban Is Ridiculous

Chloe made light of the situation in this recent post notifying her Twitter followers that she was going live on Twitch…

Chloe even submitted her passport to TikTok so that they could verify her age, but they’re still not reinstating her account. If the message from TikTok support above is accurate, and her account has actually been permanently deleted, this is something that should terrify all creators who rely on having a TikTok.

Once you’ve been banned for an erroneous reason, you can’t just cut your losses and create a new TikTok because your new account will be banned for “ban evasion“, so all Chloe can really do is hope that someone at TikTok takes a few seconds to correct this.

16k followers is nothing to scoff at. It’s not the biggest account on earth, but it’s enough that TikTok should realize she’s serious about using their platform and should at least give her the few moments it would take to correct this, instead of the anxiety and stress that comes along with an unreasonable ban.

If Chloe was out here posting crazy stuff, that would be one thing, but TikTok themselves told her the reason that this 27 year old was banned is because she was “under 13”, and she’s clearly not under 13.. So, Tiktok, what gives? You’ve got to fix this.

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