MMA is a very diverse sport, with people coming from all around the world, from all different backgrounds, to compete in combat.

When you’re locked in the cage with someone, it doesn’t matter who they are, where they grew up, or what color their skin is. It’s about martial arts, it’s about who trained harder, it’s about who wants it.

During fights, the UFC has a panel of experts of the sport, and notable personalities, who discuss what’s going on, who make predictions, and so on.

Here’s what former fighter turned Podcaster turned stand-up Brendan Schaub has to say about some of the panel members:

“Is that the best panel possible, or are you just trying to check off the boxes? We get it, UFC Tonight Fox, you’re not racist, we get get it, you have an all black panel, we get it, whoa, we get it, man. I’m going to ask you again, are those the best brains and speakers for the art… for the au… for the general audience?”

In an interesting display of having zero self-awareness, the guy who can’t finish a single sentence without fucking up at least a word or two, is calling into question the speaking abilities and qualifications of fighters who are infinitely more accomplished than him in the sport of MMA, not to mention infinitely more qualified than him at speaking complete sentences.

Not to mention that Schaub has had a TREMENDOUS amount of support and help from his comedian friends who put him on shows when he wasn’t even close to being qualified enough, so he’s really the last guy who should talk about people getting opportunities they haven’t earned.

Brendan Schaub is suggesting that the reason they have fighters like Daniel Cormier, Tyron Woodley, and Rashad Evans on the panel is because UFC on FOX is trying to meet some kind of diversity quota, when in reality all 3 of those fighters are either current or former champions, great at analyzing and breaking down fights, and have incredible understandings of the sport. Yves Edwards is a retired fighter who has also appeared on the panel, and there are many more great personalities who are more than qualified to talk fights on FOX from all ethnic backgrounds, including many of whom that have never reached the absolute pinnacle of the sport, but for some reason Brendan Schaub doesn’t call their qualification into question.

Another person you’ll frequently see on the panels and hosting is Karyn Bryant, who graduated from Brown with a Bachelor’s in political science and sociology, and has been hosting live TV since the early ’90s, with over a dozen credits on her resume. To suggest that her, or any of these other MMA figures, are chosen for the panel based on their race rather than their incredible knowledge and understanding of MMA, is just factually incorrect.

Many of  us look at that panel and see a skilled line up of MMA experts, but Schaub sees a table with a few black people and immediately questions whether or not they’re qualified to be there.

Speaking of mic skills, this incredibly ignorant comment comes on the heels of Schaub accidentally referring to his Asian producer as “Chink“.

Hey B, real quick, y’racist?