Muay Thai Legend Buakaw’s Latest KO Is One Of His Best Ever

The legendary Buakaw is synonymous with modern Muay Thai. With a knockout over Marouan Toutouh, he’s now won his last six fights in a row, bringing his career record to 232-23 with 12 draws. You might not this, but Buakaw is also a soccer player on the team of the business school he signed up for in 2013. It makes sense with those kicks, hey? Anyways, back to fighting…

His most recent victory was at an event called kunlun Fight 67 in China, where he took on Dutch kickboxer Marouan Toutouh. After a vicious flurry of punches in the second of three rounds softened him up, Toutouh couldn’t take anymore, and face-planted into the canvas after Buakaw landed one particularly stiff shot.

Here’s a clip with just the KO:

From that clip, it looks like it was one of those one-and-done’s, but there was a lot more that lead up to it, that was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. It’s like that old saying that it takes years of work to become an overnight success, it takes rounds of work to get a one-punch KO sometimes, and Buakaw is no stranger to putting in work.

If you’ve got some more time on your hands and want to watch the whole fight, we’ve got you covered, too.

Watch Buakaw vs Toutouh full fight:

We want to put together a definite list of the 10 BEST Buakaw Knockouts, but with 70 career KO’s to choose from and most of them being stunning, that’s not an easy task. Where would you rank this one on the list? It’s not #1, but it’s got to be up there somewhere…

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