Update: After her stream, Alinity tweeted the following:

Obviously there’s no defense for guys who send unsolicited pics of their junk, full stop.

If she was just trolling about all of this, we’ll take the L.

You may remember Alinity from the whole controversy involving PewDiePie, in which she wanted to copy-strike his video for criticizing her and calling her a ‘Twitch thot‘. There was a few weeks of back and forth, and it got a lot of coverage around the web, including mainstream outlets.

Can we copystrike ___” became a meme for a while, it’s pretty much blown over at this point.

In a recent stream, Alinity has gone and said something else that’s caught people’s attention, and this time it’s much worse than filing a fraudulent copy-strike claim for footage that was fair-use.

The similarity is that it involves using underhanded tactics against people who criticize her. Nobody likes to be criticized, but as a public figure, it’s expected.

We’ll do our best to break this down in a fair way so that you can form your own opinion…

Let’s start by having her explain it in her own words:

“My social media manager, unless you send me stuff at the time that I always tweet, I always tweet at the same time everyday and that’s right after my social media manager goes through all my socials and clears out stuff, so it’s very likely that my social media manager is going to catch the nudes and add them to this backlog of nudes he has that he is posting in some places, so I really suggest you don’t do this.

Yeah, he’s got a backlog of pictures of people that have said mean things to me and he also has a backlog of nudes.

So, if you like to Tweet stuff that’s like, mean or negative, or on Instagram or on Youtube, he like goes and stalks everyone and like, gets their pictures and he’s got them up somewhere.”

Wait… WHAT?

Her social media manager has a BACKLOG of nudes and photos of people who criticize her or say negative things on her social media accounts, and he’s actively posting them online?

It sounds like there are a few things going on here that could potentially get jumbled together so let’s try to break it down:

1) Her social media manager filters through her DM’s to remove the nudes that people send. Perfectly reasonable, and unfortunate that it’s even necessary.

2) He saves those pictures to a backlog he has. Still seems reasonable enough, the people sending in those pictures are creeps and this could just be evidence in case anything ever escalates.

3) He’s actively posting those pictures online. This may fall under some very strict revenge porn laws depending on where everyone is located. You could still probabally make the argument that if you’re sending unsolicited nudes to someone, and they turn around and post it publicly, it’s not the most unreasonable response. Where it really goes off the rails is in the last line from this clip where she says that…

4) He’s keeping track of people who criticize her online and finding pictures of them, and posting those too. Alinity says “So, if you like to Tweet stuff that’s like, mean or negative, or on Instagram or on Youtube, he like goes and stalks everyone and like, gets their pictures and he’s got them up somewhere.”

She’s flat out saying that her social media manager is stalking people who criticize her online, finding pictures of them, and posting them along with the photos from his “backlog” of nudes.

Final Thoughts

Just to be perfectly clear, Tweeting unsolicited nudes of yourself is never an okay thing to do. It’s flat-out creepy, and the fact that she needs to have someone else filter through her DM’s to remove all of the sexual harassment is very unfortunate. But she may have put her foot in her mouth again by admitting that her manager is actively seeking out pictures of people who “say mean things” about her online, and is posting those photos.